Zymol Treat vs Leather Conditioner

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    Curious after reading a brief discussion on here regarding the difference between Zymol Treat and Zymol Leather Conditioner, I decided to call the Canadian rep for some answers. Here's what I got!

    Zymol Treat is great for older leather. It's concentrated, and when applied properly, works amazingly well at restoring leather. When you follow the proper steps though, it can take a while to do an entire vehicle correctly.

    Zymol Leather Conditioner is less concentrated but has a similar composition. It's very quick to use as you simply wipe it on and away you go.

    In comparing the two, it would be similar to comparing a very durable wax with a quick detailer (say the Vintage to the Field Glaze). Treat is great to use once, maybe twice a year, and use the Leather Conditioner in between almost like a touch up.

    Treat is part of the professional line (what most of you consider the boutique line) simply because it is more concentrated. I'm not sure if the Leather Conditioner that we sell at my shop is the same as what people see OTC or not, so I can't speak on that one.

    Hope that helps!
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    Oh good you got some info exoticGuy about the Zymol Leather goodies.

    The info you received sounds to me to be correct. I've read and was always told that Zymol Treat is much superior compared to the regular Leather Conditioner...mind you though I've used Treat for quite some time now and I have never used the Leather Conditioner just yet. I got some but I haven't had leather to do just yet, soon though I'll be using it.

    One valid point though is that the new leather is not the same as the old school leather, but I still treat the new leather the same way as the olds school leather...it may not be necessary to do what I'm doing but I prefer to do it that way that's all, heck for all I know I may be wasting product by heating up the leather seats with my 1000W lights and then massaging in Treat on to the new leather but I like doing it and it surprises me when I give the seats a final wipe down to remove the excess product left over and there is hardly any left over.

    Well thank you for info....so will you be getting some Zymol Treat, I only got one bottle that's half way...um..I'd like to get a few more :thumb:
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    Here is another comparison of sorts for you-

    Compare automobile upholstery [finished pigmented leather] to a vehicles paint surface with a clear coat;
    1. A base material (metal) with a colour coat of water-based polymer paint
    [Leather hide pigmented with a water-based polymer resin]

    2. A water-based polymer clear coat to provide protection
    [Water-based polyethylene clear coating to provide protection]
    3. Paint doesn't need oils to feed it (whatever Zymol says) nor does leather; neither is a living thing.
    [Leather was removed from a dead animal, its then fat-liquored to preserve its oils and then sealed, and it doesn't need oils or creams to feed or condition it, even if they could permeate the various coverings]

    As the materials and production methods that are used on automobiles change; we need to adapt to them and adjust products used and their application methodologies to keep pace with them

    The keys to leather care are; keeping leather (a) hydrated (b) clean, as dirt / grit and subsequent friction cause the finish to wear. A leather protection product is essential as it will protect the surface finish and makes dirt easier to clean off.

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