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    Disclaimer: This review is intended as a suggestive help to those looking to buy a new soap, be it for personal or professional use. It is not to promote Zymöl products in anyway, shape or form. You have the right to your own opinions, but please do not "dirty" this thread with conflicting opinions, as this is a review, and not a debate thread. Also, please refrain from personal attacks should you feel something is wrong, out of line or other. Thank you.

    Zymöl Auto Wash (Car Shampoo)

    $24 CAD for 64oz (at eShine)

    Manufacturer's "fluff":
    "Zymöl auto Wash was originally developed for the SUV that needs extra care. A combination of pure coconut bark soap and natural fatty oils extract heavy dirt to clean and care for your vehicle. With an alkaline base this wash neutralizes salt acids on contact."

    Tested on:
    2011 Scion tC2 - Daily Driver always parked outdoors.

    Body - 1 layer of Collinite #845 topped with 1 layer of AutoGlym High Definition Wax.
    Windows - Rain-X on side windows; Aquapel on Windshield
    (Both applied in late August)

    Wash procedure:
    2 bucket method with Elegance wash sponge. Used as directed on eShine's website.

    Cleaning Power/Performance:
    Very powerful at lifting light dirt - vehicle is well maintained and never sees heavy dirt, so I cannot comment on that aspect. Incredibly slick. Very low sudsing, do not get caught off-guard, it's still very present and very effective.

    The entire vehicle was washed and rinsed as I went along, and during this time, the water kept sheeting off as if the LSP had just been applied. It looked crisp and fresh, like no other soap I've used has. The finish of the paint felt incredibly soft afterwards as well. Windows also became crystal clear and their respective LSP's also looked like they were freshly applied.

    Over-all thoughts:
    This is by far the best car soap/shampoo I have ever used. It's as if it was made with 100% magic. I don't think I will ever go back to using another soap for regular "bucket washes." A small amount goes a very long way and works fantastically well. The price might seem high for "only" 64oz of product, but it's so effective and the result is just that good, that I think it's one of the best investments I've made in my detailing collection.

    EDIT - I finally tried it out with the foam cannon. It foams up nice, not thick, but nice. However, the foam is very slick and does not cling for very long. Just as effective if not more than in a bucket. I used 1oz of soap, with 12oz of water in the cannon and it was perfect. I had some left over when I was finished. So it wasn't a waste.

    EDIT - I also accidentally left it out in my car last night and it froze. However, it has not been affected and still works. So that rules out the "never let it freeze" question I had. :lol:



    P.S.: My notes are added in
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    This I know I use zymol wax ..I believe I gotta by the soap now
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    and pictures?...haha...probably too cold over there now...=p

    nice review.
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    Actually Alex, it was 10 outside today (50 for our American friends) but I washed it indoors anyways. However, I did not think to bring my camera with me to document it with pictures. I will try to remember the next time I wash it, because there will be a next time. :p
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    Thanks for the writte up,,,,,,I'll use it on my boat!
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    I've added an edit about how it works with a foam cannon.
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    After shaking it in the sink it exploded on you

    I hope the wife dedicated that kitchen measuring cup for your cleaning chemicals
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    Shhhh, I think I played that off pretty smooth. It gets washed with Sunlight soap, so I'm pretty sure it can handle some Zymol soap ;)
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    I used this soap many times love it. Nice review.

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    Nice review and video!

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