Zaino is a lazy man's friend

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Dust2Glory, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    Well I have to use Zaino for the first time this saturday on an 08 BMW... and well I was reading up on Z to figure out how this stuff works and I am stunned at what I am reading.

    This is directly from the Z website:

    Z-5 PRO delivers:
    • Unbelievable levels of shine, gloss, depth, clarity, and reflectivity
    Enhanced swirl-hiding capabilities
    • Unbeatable durability - lock in that show car shine for months
    • Improved ease of use - wipe on, wipe off
    • No dust, no staining, no streaking
    • Greater value

    Z-5 PRO is the perfect choice for detailing enthusiasts, amateurs, and professionals alike. Thanks to its advanced, non-abrasive, micro-filler polymer technology, Z-5 PRO fills and hides minor surface imperfections even better than before - owners of dark cars (black, blue, green, red) will take delight in knowing that with just a few simple applications, swirl marks, spider webbing, and other surface headaches will become nothing more than a distant memory.
    Speaking of memories, forget about spending hours and hours each weekend trying to perfect your vehicle's finish - Z-5 PRO is easy to use. There simply isn't a product that's easier and more effective to use than Z-5 PRO Show Car Polish. Our beta testers report being able to polish an entire car to perfection in less than 30 minutes with Z-5 PRO and our revolutionary ZFX catalyst.

    I mean come on!!!! This guys aren't pros, and probably never picked up a buffer in their lives!! I'm sorry, but if a company doesn't give you the tools to REMOVE, not HIDE imprefections then they aren't worthy to be a detailing company.
  2. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    MEhh, duragloss doesn't make any true correction products and they are a great mfg...

    Just give it a whirl... you wont be sorry
  3. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    maybe i miss-read but DG doesn't boast about its abilites to hide swirls and scratches!!!

    I'm still gonna use the stuff, but it just bothered me from a detailers stand point
  4. ShinySideUp

    ShinySideUp Two Bucket System Washer

    I've used Z-5 many times and never noticed it hiding anything, the finish was never less swirl free no matter how deep or light the swirls were.
  5. D&D Auto Detailing

    D&D Auto Detailing DB Forum Supporter

    Not trying to stick up for Zaino here, but I dont understand what you're complaining about. Zaino has ZPC and ZAIO. Z5 is simply a sealant with some minor filling abilities, which a lot of people want.
  6. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    Once you use it you will notice it really does no filling...
  7. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    Why aren't you mad at every single company that makes a glaze?

    Same sort of thing as Z5 with the minor swirl filling.
  8. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    Can Z-AIO be used with a random orbital buffer?
    Sure. A lot of our beta testers use Z-AIO and a buffer with great success, but the developmental initiative was focused on ease of application and results when applied by hand.

    how are you gonna correct paint with your hand?
  9. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    cause i think some people that use Z, not neccessiarly on here, say they do full correction when the only Z5 the thing 3-4 times hiding the stuff... it's almost like a cop-out product
  10. D&D Auto Detailing

    D&D Auto Detailing DB Forum Supporter

    You cant, hell Id argue you cant correct 99.9% of vettes with a PC. But you have to remember the majority of people are not on the same level as us. They arent going to analyze the paint, chose between 20 different polishes and pads, and make the paint 100%.

    Zainos specialty is sealants, as everyone can see they have been very successful with that. Also, I think ZAIO is more of a final type polish and ZPC is meant for correction.

    I think its BS when people only spend 8 hours on the paint and say they got 100% correction. But thats a different conversation that I dont want to get into.
  11. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    Nearly every LSP would be a "copout" product by that definition. I've seen Carnaubas 'fill' minor swirling.

    I've seen glazes and sealants and QD's do it too.

    Go ahead and leave half your hood untouched with minor swirling and apply a coat of Z5 or two of Z5 on it and report back. It's swirl filling is so minor it's almost non existent. There's no way in hades you'd do a shoddy job polishing and lay down Z5 and have it pass as 'good work' once people got ahold of your before and afters.
  12. Dust2Glory

    Dust2Glory Nuba Guru

    Haha LOL....

    get this on the ZPC:
    Featuring the world's first (and only) true, self-dissolving, fused tri-particulate, diminishing abrasive system, Zaino Z-PC Fusion is just what the paint doctor ordered for your vehicle. Whether your paint is suffering from spider-webbing, minor scuffmarks, or a fully developed case of the swirls, Zaino Z-PC Fusion has the cure. And best of all, it works equally well when used by hand or machine, making it as versatile as it is effective!

    Come on are you kidding me?
  13. Deep Gloss Auto Salon

    Deep Gloss Auto Salon DB Pro Supporter

    Check out this thread where the seat backs were HAND polished with ZPC
  14. D&D Auto Detailing

    D&D Auto Detailing DB Forum Supporter

    Its marketing man. Do you know how many people use Zaino but don't know a damn thing about detailing? All they read is that it works great by hand, so they dont need to spend the time or money on a machine. Thats great news to them. They just arent educated on the process.

    You could take descriptions from pretty much any company and do what you're doing right now. The thing that separates us from other people is that we know what is BS and what isnt. Also, if you only follow the description on the label then you wont get anywhere.

    Dont get me wrong, I completely agree with you that what they say is stupid. But I dont think its fair for you to go out and say they shouldnt even be a detailing company, especially if you havent tried their products.
  15. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    You are taking that too literally. It simply means the polish does not require a machine to get results. All that a machine does for any of us is provide mechanical action in a repeated fashion as opposed to using our arms.

    Have you ever hand polished? Talk to Scottwax over on Autopia. He did so for years befor picking up a buffer! Does that make him a joke as a detailer?

    A lot of the Meguiars line says that you can achieve results with hand polishing as well.

    What's the difference between those steps? An arm/wrist providing the action versus a motor with a spindle.
  16. marlcoke

    marlcoke Birth of a Detailer least try it....
  17. haper

    haper Birth of a Detailer

    Funny, I was on the zaino site yesterday poking around too and came away w/ the exact same opinion that you seem to have. I agree, every company inflates the ability of their products, but IMHO zaino crosses the line. Not to mention, they name some products 'polishes' that are seemed to be sealants to me.

    The type of crazy claims I read on the zaino site made me think of those info-mercials that are on at 2am. Worse, I started to question all their products, even the ones that have gotten raze reviews here and on autopia. With that said, I may have 'drank the kool-aid' here and on autopia as i'm still very interested in trying z-2pro, z-6 and z-8.
  18. Nica

    Nica Banned

    :lol2: oh boy...okay boys and girls please don't let this thread get out of hand, I think it's a good thread but I don't want to see any fighting please :beg:

    Just in case that's all :scared:
  19. Mindflux

    Mindflux Welcome to Detailing

    Lets not forget DuraGloss does this as well.

    If you want to get technical, polish is a perfectly appropriate term to call Z2 and Z5.

    polish - Definitions from

    More specifically:
  20. gmblack3

    gmblack3 Top 9 detailer in the US to serve you in Atlanta

    Swissvax Cleaner Fluid 250ml

    This paint preserving solution will nourish the paint with its heavy polishing oils. The product does not contain abrasives. Swirl marks, light scratches, tar, tree sap and old wax are completely removed. Cleaner Fluid stops short of the underlying paint layer without scratching it. Apply before wax treatment.


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