Would different Equipment help me?

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    I'm a weekend warrior (and not that many weekends at that). I've been reading on here and elsewhere since about '07 learning about detailing. I haven't tried in a while but the couple of times I did I wasn't as happy I wanted to be with the results. I'm sure some of it is my technique and probably some of it was my energy level (started this when I came back injured from Iraq). That won't change soon but I might be able to upgrade my equipment.

    Here's my stockpile:
    PC 7363
    Collection of Prima foam pads (6.5 inch)
    Tangerin and Cyan LC pads (5.5 inch)
    Prima Polishes (Cut, Swirl, and Prime)
    OPT Hyperpolish spray

    So anything that would make an amateur better ;)

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