1. D&D Auto Detailing

    D&D Auto Detailing DB Forum Supporter

    What wool do you use?
  2. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    I use a lot of the presta stuff. The W5000 by Meguiar;s is nice too, I just think changing pads is a PITA.
  3. richy

    richy Guest

    I've got some 3M pads that are older, but still work fine. I agree with changing them..I keep one rotary with my wool pad on it and my other for the foams.
  4. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    When I get time...Which seems like ages away. I think I am going to order the Edge 3000 industrial adapter with their natural wool one side and blue finishing pad on the other. Maybe get it in 6" and 8"
  5. Asphalt Rocket

    Asphalt Rocket Nuba Guru

    I prefer the 3M wool pads, tried the W5000 didnt see any difference between the two of them.
  6. Nica

    Nica Banned

    I have several wool pads, Megs, Edge (full collection), 3M (only some not the full range)...but the one I'm enjoying the most are the Menzerna 6inch wool pads, they work great. I really like the size and the bite they have...but I also enjoy the 3M wool pads. I use the Megs one a few times it's okay but nothing special.

    My go to wool pads are Menzerna and 3M.
  7. devast8

    devast8 New Member

    I have W5000 and I love it. I will try other wools this summer, either the presta or 3M, not sure yet
  8. Obsessive Detail

    Obsessive Detail Pro Detailer - Lifetime Member

    I've been using wool pads from American Buffing, I just get them from Optimum directly when I need more.

    Is anyone using the Lake Country foamed pads? I've been thinking about getting some of those.
  9. gmblack3

    gmblack3 Top 9 detailer in the US to serve you in Atlanta

    I have been using the Edge wool pads for about a year now. I get excellent results with the yellow for heavier cutting and the green for moderate cutting. When used with the edge adapter, they run very smooth.
  10. gmblack3

    gmblack3 Top 9 detailer in the US to serve you in Atlanta

    Carlos, I did not know that menzerna made wool pads. Any links for info?

  11. maesal

    maesal Birth of a Detailer

    Hi Carlos !!
    Have you tried the Solo wool pads? I used wool pads from Menzerna, LC purple and I'm going to try the one from 3M. I wanted to try also the 6" wool pads from The Edge, but after reading your comment I don't know if I should do it...
  12. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Well to be honest me neither till a friend of mine send me a few...link..link..um..:shead:..I know I got one here but can't remember which computer I saved it on..let me look for the link and I'll post it...mmmm :shead: :shead:
  13. sneek

    sneek Nuba Guru

    I think cleanyourcar used to have them, but they appear to be gone.
  14. Nica

    Nica Banned

    hmmm..:thinking: can't say I have used the Solo wool pads I've heard great things about them..um...I beleave it was the Solo wool pads I was readin about a few days ago..can't recall though...what's your opinion on the Solo wool pads maesal?

    Yea, I found one link that I have saved on my laptop but no longer available it says :confused: huh...well the ones I got came for Europe that's all I know :shrug:
  15. maesal

    maesal Birth of a Detailer

    Hi Carlos, I don't have them but I'm thinking about buying them. I normally use 6" orange pads for compounding, I really like them, but I want to try more wool pads.
  16. Anthony

    Anthony Birth of a Detailer

    I remember when foam pads first started coming out for detailing and getting popular and then a velcro pad was introduced.....I thought that was so cool! I couldn't wait to get rid of my bolt on pads and backing plates.

    A few years ago though I found myself going full circle, back to wool (minus the bolt on type pads and backing plates). Wool allows you to correct faster and runs cooler and usually safer than foam BUT I would recommend a lambs wool pad or LC's foam wool over a twisted wool pad for your first wool experience. Twisted wool is in many cases too aggressive for many of todays clears and you'll be pulling your hair out trying to remove the swirls from twisted wool pads.

    Many paints respond well to a mild foam polishing pad so what I usually do is use a mild polishing pad, like LC's white pad, as my gauge. If the paint responds well with that pad and a mild polish then I know I won't need anything more pad or product wise. If the paint does not correct well then I will either change pads or product to something a step more aggressive. In many cases you can just look at a paint and know....."The sucker needs the wool treatment!!"

  17. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Anthony good point, twisted pair cuts great but can be a real pain to restore back.

    The only problem I've been having with wool is that I can't seem to be able to finish LSP ready with wool, so what I've done is I use wool pads to do some major correction and always finish off with a foam pad. I need lots of practice with the wool pads to be able to finish LSP ready with wool....well more practice with wool and I'm hoping to finish LSP ready...but you bring up good points about wool :thumb:
  18. Anthony

    Anthony Birth of a Detailer

    I would say that on most of your wool jobs you'll never get a LSP ready surface. You'll almost always have to go down to a finer pad to finish out unless your working on gelcoat.

    A correct use of wool, as a cutting or leveling step, should leave behind fine wispy but even looking swirls. In other words the paint should look swirled BUT the swirls are even or well covered in nature or appearance. Then come back with a medium polishing pad and then a fine finishing pad to close it up.

  19. Nica

    Nica Banned

    :nod: yes I totally agree with you and that's prity much the process that I've developed now. I remember seeing a video you posted..:shead:...I beleave it was at AGO that you posted them and those videos helped me out quite a bit :thumb:

    I've seen some people finishi LSP ready with just a wool pad I was :yikes: to see this but apperently with lots of practice it can be done.

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