Wolf Chemicals - Hard Body Demo video (strike test/water behaviour)

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    Well i got this through yesterday and was dying to try it out, today the sun kind of came out to i took the oppertunity to apply it to the bonnet of my VW Passat. First i washed, then a full IPA wipedown. Application of the product is very easy, actually i thought it was easier than Body Wrap, left for 15 mins then buffed off. Very simple ! I remember the video Jesse did showing a panel being striked with a lighter and demontrating how tought the sealant really is. So i decided to try this on my old car (solid black Saab 9-5) and tried it on the boot, 50/50.

    If you watch this video you can see the results:


    Thanks for viewing

    Robert @ Prism
  2. wheelzntoys01

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    How does it compare to other coatings? Easy to apply?

    Don't think I have cajones to wack my paint, great video.
  3. Prism

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    Well fortunately i tried it on a car thats been written off. Easy to apply, personally i have not found anything easier, initially i was worried as i had used Body Wrap and i found it to be difficult, then i realised to application was wrong, but this is night and day compaired to Body Wrap. Now compaired to the likes of Permanon you cant get any easier than that BUT they cannot offer the same level of protection. Actually i would say this is easier than any wax i have used (including Swissvax)....definitely a fantastic product.
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    I am very interested in this product. I do love Body Wrap though, and find its application pretty easy. I will say, there is usually some areas of hazing after the initial application, but the first wash a week after eliminates this, and from then on, it's the most optically clear product out there.
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    cheers for the post, Rob!

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