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    so, i have been running into a problem with hazing when the wipers are being used each swipe but the haze disappears fairly quickly from the windshield ( about 5 secs for the haze to disappear until the next wipe if used in the 10-15 second wiper mode between each swipe. ) it'll obviously be lingering more when the wipers are in the constant on position when its raining heavily. the windshield is completely clear and clean when the wipers aren't used at all.
    *windshield is completely clear until wipers are used and starts hazing, but disappears after 5 seconds or so.*

    i thought it would be a good idea to use High temp paste wax on my windows (repels water on the paint why not the windows too) i just started using Reflex washer fluid with water repellent formula with brand new Bosch Icon wipers.

    i made the #1 noob mistake and changed all these things at once and not sure what is causing it.

    is it the washer fluid being sprayed on the wipers the problem or is it a natural effect when you have product on the windshield or any repellent stuff on it?

    planning on completely stripping off the the fluid and wax and going back to normal non-repelling fluid to make sure i have a clean sweep. how should i go about stripping off the stuff?

    thanks in advance, sorry for my terrible decision.. lol.
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