Which Fire Hose Nozzle do you use?

Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by Fantality, Sep 22, 2016.

  1. Fantality

    Fantality New Member

    I'm in the market for a fire hose nozzle and am currently looking through amazon. Best sellers on there seem to be Bon-Aire original followed by the hn-10c version by the same company. However, when I looked through their reviews, there were many that were talking bad about the products and ultimately not recommending them due to poor build quality(plastic insides) which seemed to be the cause for premature failures in many of those reviews. I also looked at my chemical guys' new fire hose nozzle which reportedly have good build quality but lacks in performance. Megaflow fire hose nozzle also got some low star rating reviews. Looks like there just aren't any perfect fire hose nozzles out there, or perhaps it is only amazon's offerings that are lacking?

    If I were to shop from amazon, I would probably go with my chemical guys' new fire hose nozzle since it is a new and updated product with superior build quality. It also is more aesthetically attractive compared to the other products and I dare say I am a little bit biased towards mcg. In the end, a reliable product with good build quality but mediocre performance > a cheaply built poor quality product that provides good performance until who knows when it will fail.

    What are you guys using right now? Which products do you recommend?
  2. okay65829

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    I've had the Bonaire for years and have no complaints.
  3. Bunky

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    I have two: Adam's and another one from AG.. The Adam's worked better all lower water pressures. The downside it always changed settings if you place it down. The best feature is that both are robust to handling - last more than a year.

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