Where did the Uber MF pads go?

Discussion in 'Detailers Domain' started by DJBAILEY, Jul 26, 2014.


    DJBAILEY Birth of a Detailer


    I went to purchase some Uber MF cutting pads and they are not on your website anymore, just the Rupes MF pads. Are the Uber MF pads gone for good?

    David Bailey
  2. Meticulous-Detail

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    They have been discontinued. Phil still has Megs and Rupes MF cutting pads.
  3. detailersdomain

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    we no longer have them as we are now selling the meg's microfiber cutting pads.

    DJBAILEY Birth of a Detailer

    I'm not happy using the thin LC and Megs MF pads on curvy panels. Cushioning isn't enough. I haven't shelled out the cash to go the Rupes route yet. To have a Rupes that covers all pad sizes is such an investment. Has anyone ever tried the Rupes MF pads on a regular DA like the GG and regular backing plate?
  5. The Driver

    The Driver Birth of a Detailer

    I have tried them all, I think the rupes is great for heat. They really don't heat up at all. That said I still think the uber BnS cut amazing however they have a huge flaw. They delaminate/rip itself apart with any throw bigger then 12mm. The megs are probably the best route, they are the most cushioned and sturdy.

    All that said, microfiber is great for cutting but nothing will ever finish like foam. An also if you guys are looking for great cutters, try the rupes blue with a solid cutter like hd uno. You will be blown away.
  6. Charlessog

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    Wow, great forum topic.Thanks Again. Much obliged. Martillo

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