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    Okay, so I'm planning a major detail on my BF's 2005 Passat wagon next week. Part of this detail is going to involve removing the wheels and giving them a thorough cleaning and protection. I also plan on doing some cleaning and restoration work in the wheel wells. There is typical heavy brake dust built up on the calipers, as well as surface rust on some components. For cleaning, I was thinking some APC and Megs WB should get most of the grime and brake dust off, but I was wondering if these "brake part cleaners" that I hear people talk about may be better suited for the job.

    I would like to repaint the calipers and the other rusted components as well. I have a great rust coating product called Masterseries (encapsulates the rust so it can't spread--it is sandable and you can paint over it). That should work for most of the components--it worked very well on the brake drums of my 1972 Beetle. However, we are considering painting the calipers as well--possibly dark blue like the car. What kind of paint/primer would you recommend to apply?

    Anything else that I should consider while embarking on this project?
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    Dude! I just restored my wife's bmw e46 wheels/well/calipers. I used Iron X, tar X, as well as apc. Car pro eraser/ipa is another thing needed prior to repaiting. Also 3M spray rubber (whatever its called). I love the results! Good luck!
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    Noted! Since I'm gonna be doing my first full correction on this Passat I'll probably take pictures of everything and post 'em up.

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