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  1. buja

    buja Jedi Nuba

    Hi all,

    I'm thinking of getting a g220 DA . thinking what swirl removers I should go with ?
    My car has a relatively soft paint , mitsubish, and I have a honda in the family too.
    i currently have the pro polish which is light strength . not sure if it is good enough ? haven't tried it yet though. would like to hear bout those who have used pro polish on its own...

    if not, what other brand/product should I go with ?
    looking at the cg website, im thinking the medium compound ?
    funny enough , poorboys also have polishes with similar strength and colour ? is it right to assume that ? someting like the ssr 2 , or 2.5 yeah ?

    as this is my first time, im not sure if i should step up to the "power" brands products like the mernz or meguiars . whats your opinion on this ?

    MWAUTOPRO Jedi Nuba

    It really depends on which polisher you have or are going to get.

    If you are sticking with CG polishes, these work well via rotarty and DA polisher:
    -Scratch and Swirl Be Gone
    -FP Final Polish

    propolish is a great product but it seems like it just needs to be broken down to get a good finish out of it.
  3. buja

    buja Jedi Nuba

    anyone has experience with the optimum polish and compound ?

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