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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Danny, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Danny

    Danny Nuba Guru

    Hey guys I am trying to make time for my hobby again, and am in need of some detergent for all my microfibers and pads. I have always used Microrestore or CG Microfiber detergent, but am wondering if it is truly necessary to use or if I can achieve the same cleanliness. With say Tide free and clear or something similar that can be picked up locally. What do you all use?
  2. mrgolfrider

    mrgolfrider DB Forum Supporter

    I recently acquired the Towel Kleen MF wash from 3D/HD and couldn't be happier. That being said I have used Tide free in the past with no noticeable problems. I will say though, the towels feel much softer with the TK.
  3. Stokdgs

    Stokdgs Detail Master

    Have always used ChemicalGuys Microfiber Cleaner or the Micro-Restore Microfiber Cleaner and never had an issue.

    The key to using regular laundry soaps is to use those that have no Scent or other Softerners, etc., by products....

    Also, something that Always helps cleaning microfiber or cotton, is to add some Distilled White Vinegar to the Rinse Cycle.
    In my experience, this really helps soften the towels, makes them more absorbent, and easier to use.. Remember - its Distilled White Vinegar Only. Pretty cheap at the Grocery Store in the Gallon size..

    Been cleaning microfibers in this manner for about 10 years now and they are still going strong.

    Good luck with your research !
    Dan F
  4. Pureshine

    Pureshine DB Pro Supporter

    I use woolight all the time works great.
  5. Meticulous-Detail

    Meticulous-Detail DB Forum Supporter

    I use Micro-Restore Microfiber Cleaner, but just picked up some Towel Kleen MF wash from 3D/HD and will have a review of it up shortly.
  6. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    I normally use some dye-free, scent-free laundry detergent, but recently purchased some Einszett Blitz to use as an interior cleaner. Poured an ounce or two in wash with the MF and they came out great! I will probably use this from now on in the future.
  7. Bunky

    Bunky DB Forum Supporter

    I like Blackfire Microfiber detergent but a bit pricey. I like it better than the Micro Resore but would recommend trying the one of the "free" (no addiitves) OTC first to try that and at some point try the micro restore etc to see if you can tell a difference. My guess is given different machines, amount of soap, water quality, etc. results can vary so people can have different experiences with same product.
  8. JoeyV

    JoeyV Welcome to Detailing

    I now use GoClean Microfiber cleaner. Works great, leaves them clean and plush. No smell or fragrance. Very nice.
  9. Danny

    Danny Nuba Guru

    Thanks for all the replies guys I might look into getting some of the 3D Towel Kleen since its $15 a gallon, I just need to see how much shipping is going to run me, anybody know if we get a discount on 3D products?

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