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  1. Luke Wooldridge

    Luke Wooldridge Virgin Detailer

    Front bumper of my 02 mustang was painted last year to fix license plate holes from previous owner and the paint cracked around where they filled within a few months. well this week they fixed it and repainted it and it looks amazing but a few spots on the flat part by the headlamps and grill that have a couple specks of dust in it. They painted just two days ago and did not bake it cause they didnt want adverse side effects that may have cracked the filler last time. I told them i would wet sand it out when i had a chance since they did this all for free again for me and it is tri coat paint so it is not cheap and took them a few days. wondering if i am safe to wet sand this today or not? i have done several paint corrections with my pc but not sure it is the best for fresh paint and i have never used it on fresh paint. i could also use a rotary buffer if i have to. what would you guys recommend as far as buffing today? too soon or ok? and what buffer and speed and sandpaper grit? thanks guys
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    Still need help on this?
  3. Luke Wooldridge

    Luke Wooldridge Virgin Detailer

    maybe got a couple spots in front of the head lights is all. the mach grill covered up the other spots. i am going to paint correct either this weekend or one of the upcoming weekends. what help do you have for me?

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