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    I'll try to get some pictures of the car but had to pass on this story.

    my wife rarely notices when I clean up her car. Sometimes she'll even comment the next evening that we should wash it and I have to tell her I washed it and waxed it the night before to which I usually get a "oh, I guess I didn't look that closely today"
    Last weekend I lost count of how many coats of werkstat acrylic jet I put on the car but with a 30 minute curing time I'd just pop out to the garage put another quick coat on between other projects or watching TV. She said nothing about how the car looked.

    So tonight I topped it with the Wet Obsession and I was doing other stuff in the garage when she came out for something and instantly said "wow, you shined up the car". Simple praise but it says a lot.
  2. Cooter

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    Very nice wax. Easy on, easy off. Justin has some great products and customer service!!
  3. Obsessive Detail

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    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    POPPAJ DB Forum Supporter

    +1000 Wet Obsession, one of my favorites. Great service too!!
  5. Obsessive Detail

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    Thanks PoppaJ, I appreciate it!

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