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    I have a pretty good idea (in my eyes) for an online store and I plan to purchase the domain name off of GoDaddy but need some input on whether or not that's a good host. What types on website building tools are the best, what types of advertising just works, etc.? Is Google adsense a wise choice for a venue of advertising? I'm looking for LLC information, start up capital and maintenance fees for websites, etc. I'm pretty new to this stuff but I'm a fast learner/adaptable. I'd rather not reveal my idea but I'd like to keep it very simple yet effective, pushing that modernism flavor on the design to limit confusion and maximize efficiency. Thanks in advance.
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    Godaddy in my honest opinion is reliable but at times i think when you're buying domains from them you're also paying a premium on their brand image. I personally use as it offers more for the buck.
    They are really not a host, they are actually mainly a domain registrar, a place to simply buy domain then they give u all these "extra" packages at so called "discount" rates then jip u after the period for hosting
    Website building tools wise, if you are looking at e-commerce, you will probably just want to edit their templates and not their code base unless you got someone to do it. Otherwise dreamweaver is a good webdesign tool but we can actually live on notepad + a browser for normal sites. There are many e-commerce software packages out there, you'll need to choose one you like/in budget and such. You will also need a host that has SSL and also pay for the transaction services separately.
    Google Adsense is a good way to start with advertising and possibly adword (but that gets very competitive)
    Start up capital for website is down to how fancy you want it.
    Maintenance is down to if you want a guy maintaining it or not and also down to what your maintenance guy charges per hour rate.

    So to sum up your initial costs. Domain/Year + Designer or Programmer for E-Commerce package tinkering (if you so wish) + E-Commerce package cost (depends on how they charge and if its free or not) + Hosting/monthly + Maintenance/per incident + server hosting/month
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    meta tags arent actually as important as they used to be cuz people were always jacking them up lol
    search engine optimization is an art thats deeep

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