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    Hey everyone, recently my home town (where I do most of my work) has started to introduce new water ordinances trying to push the town to go green. the ordinances at this point haven't constrained my ability to work but I feel it will only be a matter of time. To give some examples they have now recently banned the sale of bottled water in my town and they are talking about assigning certain days of the week to certain parts of town were they will not be able to use water for anything but household uses.

    with that being said I would like to get ahead of the curve on this one and offer something that will keep both my clients and my town happy. However, I have never used one before and to be honest I am a little skeptical. I live in new england and I would love to know how it would go up against all the salt and sand that we use in the winter months, and if it would be a good substitute in the summer?

    Thanks for all your help.
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    That sucks!
    Don't have any experience that would help. Good luck, I'm sure others will chime in
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    bump shanes post. there are a lot of washless and rinseless that work great but you must be careful and use good towels and lots of product . any marring will at least lead to polishing fees. shane, i got the pot. thanks
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    Personally, I like to use ONR, spray the panel with some to soak into the grime, blast as much as possible off, and then start with the wash.

    To wash, I have a 5-gallon bucket with about 2-3 gallons of water in it and 1-2oz of ONR and several large, PLUSH towels soaking in it. I take the towels, folded and wipe them in one direction until the towel is dirty, go to another folded section and continue. As you go and wipe it clean, follow up with another towel to dry it.

    The key is these systems can not easily handle actual debris, that is why you must try and blast it off before starting. However, for any other situation like a lightly dirty car, or anything like that, they work easily just as well!

    It all depends on your towns actual laws, but if they eliminate hoses, you could try getting a portable pressure sprayer, at least to give SOME agitation to the debris.
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    If it is possible for you to collect rain water in barrels, the average full barrel will provide enough gpm to feed small pressure washers. I have done this with 200 gallon tanks and a 3gpm 2800 psi machine with little problem.

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