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  1. AJRovster

    AJRovster New Member

    I have just purchased a new Audi. Phantom Black. I just wanted to know what is the very best wash to use on it?
  2. JordanL

    JordanL Virgin Detailer

    Congrats on the new purchase! In my opinion there's no "Best" because everyone has their own opinion on what they think a good soap is. From my experience, if you're looking for a soap that is very economical and will last you for a long time, then try Meguiars Hyperwash. It's a 400:1 (product to water) dilution. Great smell and creates a great foam that works great with the two bucket method or a foam gun. Another one I like is Sonax's Gloss Shampoo. Cheers.
  3. okay65829

    okay65829 Active Member

    Only Adams car wash shampoo for my A5 SLine in brilliant black! Although I also use chemical guys citrus wash and gloss as a paintwork cleanser before applying Sonax polymer net shield or Carpro Hydro 02. Depends on your budget of course but I believe Adams is great in a foam gun/cannon and in a 2 bucket wash. Plenty of suds and lots of lubrication.
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