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    Hey guys,

    Let me start by saying I've bought any and every microfiber towel on the planet. I've had really really expensive microfibers, bought into the Korean only hype, etc... Pakshak, Adams, eurow, eshine, poorboys, griots, zaino towels, detailing.com towels you name it, i've spent $$$ on it.

    Well, unfortunately, I've not found a microfiber towel that I just thought was THE PERFECT microfiber, like the holy grail of microfibers. The kind you fantasize about keeping neatly folded in a nice box and using on the most delicately perfect paint to pamper the finish with no fear of marring. The towel you'd use to wipe off swissvax divine from the president's ferrari enzo etc etc....

    Some towels like Adam's and the detailing.com fire/ice towels , and the griot's blue speed shine towels (eurow shag) are pretty nice and soft, but they have their drawbacks. Despite the plushness, the nap is a little too thick, and the plushness deteriorates over washing cycles slightly. I always preferred shorter nap towels to wipe off polish and for QD, they feel more controlled, and I like being able to feel somewhat what I'm wiping, whereas the thicker nap towels you can't feel underneath when folded what you're wiping over.

    Well, let me say that I've finally found the perfect that is of the highest quality. I need to give credit to Dave Saunders for telling me to try this towel, as I wouldn't have ever thought to try it as it's just listed as "all purpose" on detailers domain.com, however, this towel is unusual. At first, when I heard Dave suggest it, I was surprised because from the website it just looks like any cheapo yellow costco towel, but no no no.....this is something totally different and very special. The first time I pulled it out of the package I knew EXACTLY why Dave suggested them.

    All I can say is, this is a quality MF, and will NOT MARR even in the slightest.

    I've had many troubles with other MF's slightly marring even after a final wipedown from PO85rd, but this yellow towel will not marr! I love these things!!!
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    Great recommendation. Got a link?

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    best towels I used so far, I love them.

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