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    The rear window on my Boxster has some scratches in it and I was wondering what you guys would recommend to remove those and then protect it.

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    Rear Window:
    The fogging on polyvinyl occurs when the plasticizers in the material evaporate due to UV radiation and heat exposure. The plasticizers maintain its softness and flexibility; a good plastic polish (Plexus) will remove scratches and the fogginess and maintain its flexibility.

    Place a 100% cotton cloth (front and back of rear window) when the top is down, this will help to avoid any surface friction scratches and prolong its durability. This will also avoid any transfer of product to the rear window from the tops fabric dressing. Avoid putting the top down when the material is damp or wet as this encourages mould and mildew to form

    The material used for the 'plastic' windows in convertible tops, soft-tops, is a specialized type of vinyl called 'Pressed Polished Sheets'. This material is actually composed of two layers of non-colour vinyl laminated together under intense pressure and high heat; this process squeezes out all the impurities and renders it optically clear.

    Acrylic plastic - wipe with a damp towel, then spray a clean a damp 100% cotton Alpine DF'M Microfiber towel with Plexus® use a light to medium pressure on glass surface, finally buff with a dry Autopia ConcourseTM Buffing Towel

    Alternative product - Professional Plastic Restoration System - Use on all plastics: Acrylics / Plexiglas, Polycarbonates / Lexan, Gel Coats, Fiberglas -
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    Thank you so much. This helps a lot.

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