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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by aeghbal, Mar 9, 2015.

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    Can I ask someone with some experience what they would recommend as a brush? I was thinking of getting two brushes, one for carpet (stronger) one for upholstery (more gentle). The product I was gona use was mother's carpet and upholstery. I have seen some drill bit and polisher bristle pads used. Are these good? Is it better by hand? Is it hard to manouver a drill to get into all the places? Are there products you recommend as far as brushes?

    Thank You for your help
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    Mothers carpet and upholstery works well, but it's definitely stiff bristled. I've used it on cloth Honda civic interior although it's probably too stiff for moderately dirty to lightly soiled interiors. The uber brush DA/drill attachment that Phil says is nice but somewhat cumbersome to use unless it's on a large flat panel that's heavily soiled. I think generally speaking a good cleaner is ultimately a better investment than a good brush to do carpets and interiors. I've used folex and have always been impressed with the results. The key is always to remove loose dirt particles and vacuum majority of the dirt before considering a cleaner. If you had a larger budget I would say get a small steamer or carpet extractor for the tougher jobs/stains.
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    I use the Grey (cyclo) ultrafine brush for coated leather, and black velcro attachment brush for carpet.
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