Turtle Wax Ice Premium Care Car Wash Short Review

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  1. Red Orc

    Red Orc Birth of a Detailer

    I just picked up a bottle of this at Meijer day before yesterday. This isn't the old Ice car wash this is a new version. IIRC it was about $9 for 48 ounces.
    The front label claims that it "cleans & shines". The label also brags that the shampoo will leave a"Super clean ,high gloss shine"
    The smell is pretty nice. Unidentifiable but very pleasant.
    I'm not sure why but the directions on the back don't say how much shampoo to use. All it says is, Pour ICE Car Wash in a bucket.
    Fill bucket with a strong stream of water." [​IMG].
    I'll try two ounces and see what that gets me.
    ------------------------More later this morning-----------------------
  2. Red Orc

    Red Orc Birth of a Detailer


    The shampoo in measuring cup

    This is with out me adding water with the faucet or the water hose. All I did was pour clean water in my measuring cup and pour the resulting soapy water in my bucket. I did this four times

    This is after putting water in the bucket using my spray nozzle. Most of this is suds - I only had about a gallon and a half of water in the bucket.

    I think the shampoo smells kind of like blueberries and bubble gum. Very nice. The smell isn't really overpowering in the bottle and once you mix it with water in the bucket the smell is pretty much non-existent.

    Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the suds on the car :-(
    The suds died down in the bucket after I was about half way done washing. The odd thing was that even when I started and the bucket was overflowing with suds I didn't really get a lot of suds on the paint.
    What I did get was a level of lubricity I never dreamed of getting from a shampoo this cheap. My microfiber mitt just glided over the paint.

    I got another shock when I rinsed the shampoo off. I have never used a shampoo that rinsed off as easily and as quickly as this shampoo. I mean one quick blast of the hose and the hood was rinsed. No re and re-re rinsing panels

    Sorry about the quality of this pic. I didn't check it it after I took it but you can kinda see the beading on the hood.

    Half way done drying off
    This shampoo also is very easy to dry off. I only used one microfiber towel to dry off my SUV and it wasn't one of the huge $20 towels from Auto geek either. It was a $9 microfiber towel I got at Walmart (!)
    Water spots were nearly nonexistent. The few I did get disappeared after I went over the area again with my towel. The paint was smooth and noticeably shinier when I was done drying it off. No streaks on the glass either.

    Once again not the best of pictures but I'm sure you get the idea...
  3. Red Orc

    Red Orc Birth of a Detailer

    I washed my SUV at about 8AM. This picture was taken at about 5PM after I had driven about 40 miles. Still looks very clean
  4. Meticulous-Detail

    Meticulous-Detail DB Forum Supporter

    I am not sure if we are allowed to mention the words Turtle Wax on DB..................................LOL...............jus jokin.

    Came out pretty nice.
  5. Red Orc

    Red Orc Birth of a Detailer

    Yeah I know there's a lot of people who turn up their noses at inexpensive products like Turtle Wax but I also know there's at least a few others on this forum who don't want to spend $20 or $25 on 16 ounces of car shampoo. And I thought it'd be nice to let people know that Gold Class isn't the only good OTC car shampoo.
  6. ACE2790

    ACE2790 Jedi Nuba

    I definitely appreciate the review of this OTC product. Most people on here lose sight of the fact that some decent stuff is available at local stores. But we all pay for non typical products because they usually provide non typical results. That being said to each their own, but some of the stuff seen and used here is worth the extra money, assuming it cost more in the first place.
  7. Chaseme

    Chaseme DB Forum Supporter

    Fortunately, soap is one category that results don't deviate far from each other.

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