Trim product that won't run when it rains?

Discussion in 'Car Detailing Product Discussion' started by impakt, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. impakt

    impakt DB Forum Supporter

    I've been using PB's trim restorer with great results until i realize the running occuring after it rains and returning the trim back to the faded look.

    I'm thinking about trying Ultima tire and trim, but wanted some insight from you guys first.
    I stay far, far away from black wow.

    Any recommendations?
  2. Cosmin

    Cosmin Birth of a Detailer

    faded look , sounds like (severe) oxidation...?
    your trim product is call paint.
  3. jjl

    jjl Birth of a Detailer

    I would be interested in knowing too. I was about to purchase poorboys trim restore because I thought it was suppose to restore the trim... and then you follow up on protection. I recently put on Z16 but it has not rained yet.

    Might give 1z vinyl/rubber care a try, apparently it resisted car washes during testing.
  4. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    Ultima trim guard plus is actually quite durable if you apply it to a well prepped surface. Clean the surface with a strong mix of APC or alcohol, let it dry, and only then apply. Be sure UTGP cures for a few hours (overnight is the best) BEFORE it is being exposed to rain...
  5. JC98

    JC98 Birth of a Detailer

    I have pretty good luck with Adams Super VRT. You need to be applying to a clean and prepped surface though. Just doing that may give you better results.
  6. 911Fanatic

    911Fanatic DB Pro Supporter

    As recommended, clean the trim well first. I applied the PB to my bumper and immediately backed my truck out into the pouring rain to see what would happen and barely any of it ran.
  7. wytstang

    wytstang Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    How are you applying PB TR? I use it on my window trim and it never runs after a storm. I use a cotton towel/material as per Steve's (PB) recommendation for application since it has more bite to it then foam/mf material.
  8. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    +1 on UTTG Apply with a foam brush and use a mf towel around your finger and wipe until uniform. Been on my exterior trim for 5 months with no garage.
  9. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    Black Wow.
  10. Legacy99

    Legacy99 Wax on..Wax off

    Only if you know how to apply it. Instructions not very good.
  11. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    Ultima TGP outlasts BW, although BW is quite durable on a properly prepped surface...
  12. richy

    richy Guest

    It would be more expensive, but either Cquartz or Opti Coat would be the very best choice.
  13. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    True, but do a search for my tutorial from a ways back.
  14. trhland

    trhland Nuba Guru

    this is a great product!!!
  15. Bunky

    Bunky Guest

    In my side by side tests, PB's looks better to me and lasts about the same time as Black Wow. They both run in the rain. Black Wow is much more difficult to get off paint, etc.
  16. Wolfs Chemicals

    Wolfs Chemicals DB Certified Manufacturer

    Wolf's Nano Dressing won't run :)
  17. supercharged

    supercharged DB Forum Supporter

    I used Supernatural Trim sealant, which is crystal based (a little too glossy to my taste), and was surprised by durability...4 months going strong so far...
  18. Dannyk

    Dannyk Jedi Nuba

    ^ Whats the cost of the Supernatural trim sealant?
  19. Ian

    Ian Jedi Nuba

    what about 303 protectant?
  20. jjl

    jjl Birth of a Detailer

    I've never tried 303 for the exterior but I've read it runs and streaks from a lot of sources. I keep it for interior duties in the summer when I prefer the dark look it offers during bright days.

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