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  1. Ch40t1c

    Ch40t1c Obsessive Detailer

    Has anyone used this product before? I'm using it right now on a VW Jetta and I'm having a really hard time buffing it all off. I just spent 10 minutes on one door, I used 601 before if that means anything.
  2. Ch40t1c

    Ch40t1c Obsessive Detailer

    It leaves behind this light haze that can be seen if inspected carefully, and it looks absolutely terrible. I'm considering just washing the whole thing and starting over again. Ontop of that, there are small small "dots" that for lack of a better word, smear?
  3. Nica

    Nica Banned

    Can't say I've ever heard of it let alone used it :confused: Sorry can't help.
  4. Ch40t1c

    Ch40t1c Obsessive Detailer

    This has me way to frustrated. I'm gonna rewash and use a different product tommorow. Definitely disappointed with DG's Track Claw. Granted - It could have been user error, but disappointed none the less.
  5. Cooter

    Cooter Guest

    I've seen it. I think BigAl is familiar with it. Maybe even JL knows a little about it
  6. krshultz

    krshultz Nuba Guru

    I thought I saw Richy say something about having used this stuff...?
  7. MadOzodi

    MadOzodi Nuba Guru

    I've used Track Claw. Found it to be very similar to DG105, obviously, but just more difficult to remove if not put on thin. I don't know how Nica puts DG105 on as thick as he does, but if he did that with Track Claw, he'd be hatin life.
  8. Ch40t1c

    Ch40t1c Obsessive Detailer

    I bet that was my problem, I used a fair amount and 601 on it aswell. Thanks for the response :thumb:
  9. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    I never used 601 but I do like Track Claw, apply very THIN wait 30-45 min till it passes the "swipe" test, buff off. DG 111, 501 and TC are my some of my fav sealants
  10. Al-53

    Al-53 Welcome to Detailing

    Track Klaw is a great product..super slick..and nothing sticks to it..the trick is THIN..if you used over 1oz for a car you used to

    heres a trick....go to the drug store..get a baby medicine syringe...put 2 oz's of a sealant in it...then do a car...put prime the pad first from the container....

    As you go along just add a few drops on the surprised how little you use...

    To the used to MUCH product and it never appying a sealant or should just about see it on is when you see a big white haze and thats product that never adhered to paint..because only so much can get to the paint..the rest is overflow..a waste..

    GO is on the paint

  11. Reflect

    Reflect DB Forum Supporter

    I use it thick too when theres a lot of gunk/spots/etc. I haven't had a problem removing it. In fact, I just ordered another bottle. :headbang:

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