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    Here is a slideshow of a Toyota Supra that I had the pleasure of getting ready and taking to a show this past weekend. This car is fast to say the least.

    Items used:
    - Adams Leather cleaner
    - Adams Leather conditioner
    - 1Z Deep plastic cleaner
    - 1Z Cockpit premium
    - VX5000 Steamer
    - Adams Carpet and Upholstery cleaner

    - P21S Total Auto Wash
    - Auto Finesse Citrus power and Snow Foam
    - Rupes 15 (Various Uber Pads)
    - Menzerna FG400
    - Sonax 4/6
    - Menzerna SF4500
    - Assorted Uber MF towels
    - Adams Super VRT
    - P21s Concours Look Wax

    I started on the interior one evening. The client had brought me the vehicle mid-week. The seats looked like they had never been cleaned, so I took the Adams leather cleaner and scrubbed the seats. You can see the tape line on the passenger side seat. I also went back over the seats with the VX500 and MF towel. I then sprayed the doors with 1Z Deep Plastic Cleaner. Everything was finished out with 1Z Cockpit premium. The seats were conditioned with Adams Conditioner. Floor mats and floors were lightly scrubbed with Adams carpet and upholstery.

    Engine was cleaned and detailed with P21S Total Auto Wash. The exterior was foamed using AF Snow foam and Citrus power. Initial compounding with FG400 and yellow uber, then followed with Sonax 4/6 and a Green uber or Orange depending on where I was at and what the paint needed. Finished it out with P21S Wax.


  2. detailersdomain

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    looks good, you may get a few more views if you posted up the photos directly on the post.

    MGEVOX New Member

    Nice work one of my favorite cars of all time!! But definitely disagree with the owner on those wheels look like they belong on a regular honda or something.
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  4. cozzy90

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    i love supras, not keen on the wheels either but it turned out sweet good job :)
  5. Meticulous-Detail

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    Nice job! Love the Supra.

    HUMP DIESEL New Member

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