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    We received this Pitch Black 2013 Dodge Challenger in our shop for a paint correction and coating. This was bought from a dealer and was "detailed". Well the customer whom has done some detailing in the past and has also had other vehicles done by us took one look at it and knew where he was going with it to make it right. Our shop East Hill Auto Solutions We first did a couple of test spots and decided on the best approach for the budget. The car had severely deep brush scratches all through out the clear coat over the entire vehicle. The car was decontaminated with C.A.R. Products Melt a ferrous (iron) remover washed and clayed with our rinsless wash (soon to be released). The wheels where also treated to melt to remove any contaminants and clean them. The tires were also cleaned with another soon to be released product (TC1) which is paint safe and can be used to clean tires, wheels, and paint. To level the paint we chose C.A.R. Products Dynacut an aggressive cut compound that cuts very hard but finishes very nicely. The abrasive technology in this compound is unique to C.A.R. Products as we have had it specifically designed for Dynacut. It can not be found in any other products on the market. Due to how poor the clear coat was we chose to use a Makita Rotary and wool pad for the cutting stage. Due to the soft nature of this black in particular and extensive polishing step was in order. For this we chose to use an up coming polish for the C.A.R. Bullet Proof Series Line. The polish has been formulated for use with DA type machines but will still work very well with a rotary. The polish can be used to polish medium defects all the way up to finish polishing and jeweling. The polish is %100 percent dust free with a very long working time. Bullet Proof Series Polish can be utilized on very soft and sticky paint such as Subaru and Porsche with easy wipe off and no marring. To prep the paint for the coating we used another new product which will be released soon that will remove silicone's, waxes and polishing oils. We are not releasing details till we are closer to the launch date. I will say it is very different from anything available at the moment. Now for everyone's favorite part, the coating. Again I am sorry we can not release much detail about it until we get closer to release date, but I will say that it is wildly different from anything on the market. This will be called Pro Coat and will only be available to trained and certified professionals. We will be releasing the details about the coating and the program in our upcoming February Training event. The gloss and protection of this product is truly amazing as the following pictures will show. The finial results speak for the selves and this Challenger turned out to be one of the best looking on the road.
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    Nice work Andrew and team! Sounds like there will be some very good products coming out this year from C.A.R! Very excited
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    Thank you JordanL! We are very excited as well!
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    nice work!
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    Thank you DD!

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