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    TOGWT™ Detailing Article Series

    Article Revisions / Updates
    The advent of new materials is why it’s so important to monitor the industries new products, chemical technologies and ideas that are constantly being introduced, as are the techniques for applying them, hence all of the in-depth articles are being up-dated and revised

    1. A B C of UV Radiation -

    2. A Brief History of Automotive Detailing -

    3. A Brief History of the GT Automobile

    4. Acid, pH and Alkalinity -

    5. Allow me to introduce myself -

    6. Automotive Leather Upholstery Care -

    7. Automotive Paint Systems

    8. Basic Soap and Detergents -

    9. Bird Excrement (Safe removal) -

    10. Boat Detailing -

    11. Business Marketing -

    12. Car Care Product Vendors

    13. Car Covers -

    14. Carnauba (Brasília) Wax -

    15. Carpet Cleaning -

    16. Clear Coat Failure (Oxidation) -

    17. Clear Coat Paint -

    18. Common Causes of Paint Surface Scratches -

    19. Concours d’ elegance Vehicle Preparation Part 1 -

    20. Connolly Leather -

    21. Car Wash Concentrates

    22. Convertible Top Detailing -

    23. Copyright Intellectual Property -

    24. Cross linking (Monocular) Bonds -

    25. Dent Repair (PDR) -

    26. Detailer’s Automotive Clay -

    27. Detailing 101 Basics -

    28. Detailing Article Series

    29. Detailing Bay Lighting -

    30. Detailing Forums

    31. Detailing Myth Busters -

    32. Detailing Questions & Answers

    33. Detailing Tips -

    34. Detailing Tools -

    35. Detailing Training Courses -

    36. Detailing Chemicals Identification -

    37. Diminishing Abrasives -

    38. Detailing for the Physically Challenged -

    39. Exercises to Minimize or Prevent Back Pain -

    40. Eco Friendly(Green) Detailing -

    41. Emblem, Trim Moulding and Window Tint Removal-

    42. Engine Bay Detailing -

    43. Environmental Pollutants -

    44. Essentials for Starting a New Business -

    45. Foam Pads, Selection and Use -

    46. Frequently Asked Questions

    47. Glass Cleaning Process -

    48. Hard and Soft Paints -

    49. Industry Terms & Acronyms Definitions

    50. Information Resources

    51. Interior Detailing -

    52. Glass Cleaning Process -

    54. Klasse Acrylic Polymer System -

    55. Layering Wax and ‘Spit’ Shining -

    56. Leather Tanning Process -

    57. Light Reflectance

    58. List of Detailing Articles -

    59. Menzerna Polishes -

    60. Micro fibre (Micofiber) Towels -

    61. Most Common Causes of Paint Surface Scratches

    62. Motorcycle Detailing -

    63. New Vehicle Care

    64. Optically Perfect Shine Orbital Buffer or Rotary Polisher

    65. Orbital Buffer or Rotary Polisher -

    66. Organic Solvents -

    67. Organic Wax- It’s Origins -

    68. Paint Chip Repair -

    69. Paint Decontamination and Acid Neutralization System -

    70. Paint Surface Problems / Correction

    71. Paint Thickness Gauge (PTG) -

    72. Petroleum Distillates -

    73. Polish / Compound Abrasive Abilities -

    74. Paint Surface Problems / Correction –

    75. Polishing Glass Surfaces -

    76. Polishing Various Metal Surfaces -

    77. Pollen- Micro gametophutes -

    78. Polymer – Polymerisation -

    79. Polymer - Carnauba wax differences -

    80. Potential of Hydrogen (pH) -

    81. Product Directional Application Methods

    82. Profile of a Professional Detailing

    83. Polishing (Paint Surface Correction) -

    84. Professional Detailing

    85. Porter-Cable 7424 XP Random Orbital Buffer -

    86. Quick Detailer (QD) -

    87. Random Orbital Polishers

    88. Removing Oxidation from Vehicle Headlights -

    89. Removing ‘Water Marks' -

    90. Repairing Scratched Alloy Wheels (Curb Rash) -

    91. Rinse less Car Washing -

    92. Rotary Usage Tips -

    93. Selecting a Steam Vapour Cleaner -

    94. Silicone - polymerized siloxanes -

    95. Stain Identification and Removal

    96. Smell and Odour Removal -

    97. Science of Detailing, Technical Article Series Extracts

    98. Terms Used and their Meaning -

    99. Tree Resin (Sap) -Insect Honeydew and Artillery Fungus -

    102. Transparent Paint Protection (a.k.a. clear bra)

    103. Tyre Cleaning and Care -

    104. Using a Cyclo Rotary Polisher -

    105. Using a Metabo PE12-175 Rotary Polisher -

    106. Using Acids for Cleaning -

    107. Vehicle Condition and its Resale Value

    108. Vehicle Long Term Storage -

    109. Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning and Care -

    110. Vehicle Paint Surface Drying -

    111. Vinyl Plastic and Rubber Care

    112. Washing a Vehicle Paint Surface -

    113. Water Beading and Durability -

    114. Water Filtration -

    115. Wax Application -

    116. Wet-Sanding Colour Sanding -

    117. What Exactly is Detailing? -

    118. What Detailer’s should Know and the Skills Required

    119. Wheel Surface and Wheel Well Undercarriage Cleaning -

    120. Winter Vehicle Preparation -

    121. Wool Pads -

    122. Writing a Detailing Article -

    123. Zanio Show Car Products Application -

    To be continued?
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    The following series of 135 articles; i Articles “The Art and Science of Detailing” will soon be made available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstore and Google eBooks electronic reader systems and represent the most comprehensive, in-depth information on detailing available anywhere.

    Suggested reading -

    Neophyte detailer –“Detailing 101, the basics” and “Orbital Buffer or Rotary Polisher”

    Concours d’élégance entrant – “Concours d’élégance Vehicle Preparation” "Automotive Leather Repair and Renovation

    Hobbyist detailer – “Detailer’s Automotive Clay”, “Detailing Tips”, “Waterless and Rinseless Car washing”, “Foam Pads, Selection and Use”, “Orbital Buffer or Rotary Polisher” and “Environmental Pollutants” and “Using the Flex XC3401VRG Dual-Action Polisher”

    Professional detailer – “Business Marketing”, Essentials for Starting a Business, “Becoming a Professional Detailer”, “Wet-Sanding (Colour Sanding)”, “Wool Pads”, “Rotary polisher usage tips” and "Using a Metabo® PE12-175 Rotary Polisher", "Automotive Leather Repair and Renovation"

    Specialised subjects –“Detailing for the Physically Challenged”, “Exercises to Minimize or Prevent Back Pain”, “Personal Protective Equipment”, “The Health Risks of Detailing” and “Vehicle Condition and Resale Price”

    Classic Car Renovation – “Aluminium Surface Re-finishing and Painting”, “Automotive Leather 1 – Repair and Renovation”, “Interior Detailing”, “Odour, Smoke and Mould Removal”, “Paint Surface Problems-Correction”, “Polishing Paint (Surface Correction / Renovation)”, “ Polishing / Renovation of Various Metal Surfaces”, “Repairing / Renovation of Scratched or Curbed Wheels”, “Long Term (Winter) Vehicle Storage”

    Specific material cleaning and care –I am asked questions on these subjects more than any of the others- “Automotive Leather Upholstery Care”, “Carpet Cleaning and Care”, Glass Cleaning Process”, Paint Surface Problems and Correction”, “Stain Identification and Removal”, "Automotive Leather Repair" and Renovation", “Removing Water Marks “and "Winter Vehicle Preparation / Driving"

    What should you use to protect your vehicle - “Polymers and Carnauba wax differences?” Crystalline Nanotechnology Coatings”, “Carnauba (Brasilia) Wax” or a “Car Covers-Selection, Care and Maintenance”

    A-Z overview - There are many other subjects covered in the 135 articles or perhaps an informative A-Z overview, “Automotive Detailing; Inside and Out”, a knowledge base for the perfectionist, a 400 page A-Z encyclopaedia of detailing
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