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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by detailersdomain, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    Take a look pretty cool idea. Would you pick one up?
  2. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    Looks cool ... I do like the diagnostics tool and the gas saving tools, but I'm not too fond of attaching a device already monitored by the NSA to my vehicle. My phone already tracks where I'm going, I don't know if I feel comfortable knowing that it's also tracking how good or bad I'm driving.
  3. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    Kind of cool similar to the device that progressive ins uses.
  4. Wolfstein

    Wolfstein New Member

    I can see the potential in these and I'm sure many average joes would like one. Most of hobbyists and enthusiasts and gearheads have something similar to these already.
    For the average joe, why not.

    But for me, no way. Firstly because I don't want to connect my phone to my car in any way or mean.
    And mostly because my cars don't have OBD ports or any kind of computers for that matter :p No ABS, no ECU, no nothing. Not even a small little module to control ignition as they're all diesels and way too old to have any sort computers. Makes life easier for me atleast. :D
  5. Ian

    Ian Jedi Nuba

    That pretty cool! I especially like being able to diagnoss and clear check engine lights

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