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  1. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    Hi Guys,
    I am in a serious crossroad. For 6 months, I've been liking Glasur applied once a month with Poorboys QD+ after every wash. I've been loving the smooth/slickness everytime I touch the finish. Recently I've noticed that my car hazes like crazy after I park it in the garage after being outside for a while. Phil told me its the Carnuba. I asked him about the AQuartz and he said, I think you should try it. Here are my concerns.
    I like the idea of a somewhat scratch resistant coating on the surface of the paint. I am a habitual re-applier. How often can I re-apply the AQuartz? I realize that re-load is essentially a spray sealant made for in between applications but is that all that should be used as a QD topper on AQuartz? Is the system going to shed water like my Glasur? I dont towel dry the car, I blow it dry. With Glasur the water beads up nice. Will that be the case with the AQuartz and Reload combo? Or is Powerlock and some other fancy QD a better bet if I want to get away from Carnuba for a while?

    One other thing, Will I be able to use the reload on the whole car, including the windows and trim?

    I'm sorry for being so needy. I can really use some help on this.

    Thanks, Joe D.
  2. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    Hey Joe,

    Applied AQ Titanium and Premium on my Passat last month. Followed it up with Reload too.
    Here are my impressions:
    aesthetics/shine/gloss: probably the best I have ever seen, comparison vehicle being my car that has been well prepped.
    slickness: was a little disappointed here, AQ & RL aren't as slick as freshly applied coats of Power Lock, but I have a feeling it will maintain its slickness longer than a sealant would. Actually, it is a different kind of slickness, not as oily feeling, but still slick in its own way.
    Beading: Again, not as strong as PL or Glasur would be, but I imagine the durability of AQ/RL will bead very well long term.
    Clean-up: Your car will stay much cleaner, most dirt that hits it won't stick. The wash process is much quicker and easier than with PL as dirt and grime come off well even with just a pass of the pressure washer. I use air to dry my Passat as well and AQ/RL is definitely slick enough to shed water easily and quickly.

    As for the reapplication, I think after the initial application of coats of Titanium and Premium, you wouldn't put more down say on a monthly basis without polishing the previous coating off first. However, you can apply Reload frequently.

    Overall, I have been more than happy with AQ/RL and would recommend that you try it. Application is fairly easy although a bit more complex than applying a sealant or nuba, and the looks and clean-up are at the top.

    Hope that helps!
  3. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    RCrew, I appreciate the time you took to give me a run down on the product. You are an Ace bro. Thanks.
    I have a brand new, un-used bottle of powerlock that I am considering giving a try. I would have stuck with the Glasur/PoorBoy QD+ if it weren't for the hazing. The beauty of the powerlock is I can apply a new coating to the whole car in 15 minutes with the wheel and wipe it off hours later. Then re-apply whenever I want. I'd have to get a non Carnuba QD that has some slickness properties.
    I am still strongly considering the AQuartz though. The Reload is kinda expensive to use as a QD. Mmm...
  4. Socal Brian

    Socal Brian DB Forum Supporter

    Joe why don't you just go with the Powerlock and see how you like that first since you already have it?
  5. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    Thats what I am thinking. I need a Good QD to go with it. Like a Prima Slick or something. I want to see if that keeps it slick enough to my liking and eliminates the hazing. Im a little annoyed about that. I glasured 3 weeks ago, and applied the QD+ once a week since and the last 3 times I've taken the car out it hazed.

    I am thinking of spending the day tomorrow with P085rd, IPA wipe down and 2 coats of Powerlock, 12 hours apart. Then I'll pickup the Prima Slick during the week. Any other recommendations on the QD?

    Thanks, Joe D

    "Socal" Brian - I just came back from San Diego and Carlsbad (Legoland). You are so lucky to be from SoCal. Its beautiful there. Thanks Bud.
  6. Kokopelli

    Kokopelli Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    How does Glasur feels by itself? Does it attract dirt?

    I also have a bottle of Powerlock and a pot of Glasur. Although I've never tried, I hope to see some good sheeting and beading from Glasur, but my other Carnauba's usually had difficulties repelling dirt and the car usually gets dirty quicker. While I'm not after an uber strong durability, I like the easy cleaning ability of nano coatings . But I believe I'd still like to apply a QD to remove slight dust and ruin the self cleaning behavior. I'd like to hear your QD recommendations too.
  7. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    Power lock is a great sealant, So easy to use and it maintains nice and is very durable. As for QD, I have tried allot of products, Zaino, Chemical guys Pro detailer, their synthetic, even some OTC stuff like megs ultimate and they all work great. the best part about Power lock in my opinion, its very easy to layer. Once a month, or every other month and it will/could last indefinably. And it looks clean too.
  8. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    To me, Glasur is amazingly slick and easy to work with. But after one wash the slickness is gone. After the 2nd wash the sheeting is merely OK. Thats why I use a QD. I like the showcar smoothness. Keep in mind, I only do this on my fun car, not my daily driver.
  9. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    Has anyone actually used Prima Slick over AQuartz?
    I am wondering if it will work as QD and give me slickness without defeating the purpose of the AQuartz.
  10. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    OK, I switched to Aquartz. Here's what happened..
    I polished the old wax off with 085rd (I love this stuff and I'm really thinking of trying it with my Corn Flakes..). Then I gave the car a nice alchohol wipe down. The surface of the paint was really smooth, but catchy due to the lack of a surface protectant. Nice.

    I followed whatever instructions I could understand (mostly from Bob and Dave). I used a damp MF folded and sprayed AQuartz onto it (just a couple of spritzes, not much) and wiped with even strokes. I did the whole hood, then took a dry MF and buffed if off. Nothing could be easier. I proceeded to finish the whole car in 30 minutes. I let the 1st coat cure for an hour. Then went out into the garage and applied the 2nd coat. It went on even easier than the 1st coat. Wiping off the hazed coating was as easy as anything. After another 30 min, I was done, I let it sit for another hour. Then I changed to a different dampened MF and switched to AQuartz Titanium Premium Red bottle. Unlike the regular AQuartz, the Titanium Premium Red bottle went on nicely (I only did 1/2 of the hood) but it wouldnt buff off! I tried spraying more Titanium Premium Red bottle on the towel (nice and wet), applying it to the same area and then tried to buff it off quickly. No go. The streaks would not come off. So I switched back to the Regular AQuartz and sprayed some on the 1st MF, applied it and then immediately buffed it off and that seemed to gradually erase the streaks. A couple more passes and the streaks were gone. Now I see why no-one uses the Titanium Premium Red bottle. Maybe i am doing something wrong. I dont know. I think for now I will stick with the regular Aquartz. I will let it cure for 24 hours and then I'l hit it with the reLoad.

    Some initial impressions:
    Regular AQuartz is very easy to use. If this stuff does what they say it does (hard coating, some swirl/scratch resistance, super sealant protection and shine) it will be a winner.
    It looks very shiney and smooth. Lets see how it looks after the cure.
    There should be instructions included with Titanium Premium Red bottle.
    Titanium Premium Red bottle streaks like a mo-fo. Getting it off required some serious strength. It gave me a pump. My wife said I looked good afterward. But it didnt do anything for the car...

    I promise to keep you all posted on my results.

    Thanks, Joe D.
  11. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    Good to know... I am expected to get my kit this week. I was hesitant about getting both, since I was hearing the black was ample enough etc. etc. we shall see......

    Joe, definatley keep us updated.
  12. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    Hey Joe- Wondering if the first product hadn't fully cured yet and that is why you got the hazing/streaking? In my experience, the titanium buffs off just as easily as the premium. Glad you got ripped out of the deal though...
  13. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    RCrew, How long was the black bottle supposed to cure for? I gave it an hour. I put the black bottle on 1st. Was that wrong?
    Well, I wasnt exactly ripped. Just a little pump that woke up those 47 year old muscles... Thanks RC
  14. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    I mean ripped like cut or pumped up :applause2:

    I think the titanium (black bottle) is supposed to go on second now that I think about it. As for the curing, and I realize the instructions on their site are poorly worded and confusing, but I think it ranges depending on temp. from 1-3 hours. The closest I have ever done is 60 minutes, but it was a warm day, about 70 degrees in my garage.

  15. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    I sure will.You know, last night was one of those all time great nights. I spent the day applying the AQuartz. The car was perfect. Then My beautiful wife, my son and I got in the perfect Caddy coupe and went to Ruths Chris for diner. You cant get better than that. One of those 10 best days in a lifetime.
    Thanks, Joe D
  16. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator


    TI (red) goes first you want to wait an hour before each application.
    TI as well as the black bottle will go on easy.
  17. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    Gotcha bro.
    I am an idiot then. I cant believe I put the stuff on in reverse order. What a dope.. i applied the black bottle 1st. Let it cure for 1 hour, then applied a second coat (black bottle). Waited another hour, THEN I tried the red bottle.
    See, I am the poster child for manufacturers needing to supply Clear and Concise instructions. I am going to bury myself in the backyard now...

    Joe D.
  18. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    Phil, thanks.
    By the way, the Uber duster is nice. Its going to come in handy, especially now that I have the comfort in knowing that have a minor amount of stratch resistance..
    Thanks again for everything.
  19. Rcrew

    Rcrew Wax on..Wax off

    Nah, don't be so hard on yourself, after all, the car turned out looking sweet in the end.
    Glad to hear you had such a great day, nothing like an unexpected top-10 day!

  20. Max405

    Max405 DB Forum Supporter

    Thanks RC. I am trying to figure out what day this coming weekend I can polish it all off and do it right. I wont rest until its done. Yeah, headcase - big time.

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