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  1. blackjz

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    I noticed there are many kinds of CF. CF regular, CF Medium, CF strong, CF Professionall..what are the difference between those 4?And I have only seen people using CF regular. why aren't there anyone using the other 3? do CF have filler? do CF strong or professional correct paint defect?
  2. Purplewidow

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    the other three have more abrasives. the regular cf is all you need to prep. menzerna is the way to go for polishes imo. cf cleaner fluid is the best cleaner i have has great cleaning power and assists with bonding very very well. the other three i have not used.. basically they are just steps up in a polish line each one more abrasive than the next and swissvax professional has some cut but is mainly a final polish to my knowledge. it can be used for fine swirls and so on but it by no means is a compound..just kind of like a one step polish. sv cleaner fluid kicks ass buddy don't hesitate to buy it..just lay it down as thin as possible and you will be golden..oh and don't let it dry. good luck!!
  3. blackjz

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    thanks for the reply purplewidow..
    Well I have asked Swissvax directly, and they told me that CF prof is to remove defect(swirls) by a rotary polisher which have to be followed by CF med or CF do you apply CF? using the white applicator or foam pad applicator? do you apply per panel then buff it off? or apply the whole body then buff it off? do you have to apply pressure? sorry so many questions on this:)
    its really hard to use menzerna humid..easy to gum up, cake on the pads, and we only have access to few menz polishes, such as SIP, Power gloss, 106FA..are they enough? or switch to 3m?
  4. D&D Auto Detailing

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    I would also pick up some non ceramic polishes such as IP and 87mc, along with 3M UF. Maybe even look into the 1z polishes. The more polishes the better if you ask me. That way you're prepared for any situation.

    I apply CF by hand with an applicator pad. Apply it very thin, I just apply as much as I can within a few seconds, then start removing it. Youll see the longer you leave it on the harder it is to remove.
  5. Purplewidow

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    just a white SV applicator.. lay it down as thin as possible and wipe it up.. the stuff rocks.. it adds so much to the longevity of the way and enhances it.. wfter you do the whole car you will see a lil boost in depth and gloss.
  6. blackjz

    blackjz Jedi Nuba

    still can't decide whether i ll get SIP or IP..(dunno exactly what the differences are), am thinking of OP II, 3M extra cut..already got Ultrafina US version :)

    I left CF for some time (around 10mins) and I spent 15mins to buff it off LOL
  7. bryansbestwax

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  8. detailersdomain

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    As a tip CF should be removed asap, thin coat 2x2 section.

    As you found out don't let it dry.
  9. togwt

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    FWIW - a good all round polish is Menz Power Finish (PO203S) - (M) this is a one-step scratch remover polish that will remove 2500 grit, cut 3.0-gloss 3.5, is formulated as a quick way to polish out light flaws and amplify the paint’s gloss.
  10. blackjz

    blackjz Jedi Nuba

    Thanks for the info n tip Phil n togwt...

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