Suggestions for high quality headphones

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by DirtyWeRX, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. SkateForGirl

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    I have heard nothing but good reviews on Sennheiser PXC 450's. I don't own a good pair of headphones but have looked into these previously.

    Dr. Dre beats headphones are pretty good too. I have used these before and love them.
  2. dfazekas

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    I have Westone UM2's that I use all the time. They have EXTREME clarity and I absolutely love them.
    You can hear things you'd never know were there when you put those babies on. They come with
    comply-foam tips in different sizes so they will definitely fit anyones ear. I can pop those babies in while
    I'm standing next to my gas powered pressure washer and not even remotely hear it. They don't have a
    lot in the way of lows, but they're very well balanced. The UM3's have more lows. Before you rule them
    out because they're ear buds, just check them out.

    Westone UM2

    I have friends that have had used Shur, Alien Ears, 1964, Fidelity, you name it; and have had to send
    them back several times. Never had a problem with the Westones
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  4. Stokdgs

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    And I have already voted for Westones a couple of pages earlier !!

    Dan F
  5. 05coupedriver

    05coupedriver Virgin Detailer

    I have a Pair of the Beats by Dre and they are just incredible the quality is just so good
  6. richy

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    Seth, I just got these and love them. I was looking for a pair with real good noise cancelling and great sound. This pair has them both in spades. I drive them off my iphone primarily which does not have enough power for them so I also picked up an amazing little amp for $50. The reviews on these are great too:
  7. kyoshiro

    kyoshiro DB Forum Supporter

    (enters audiophile)
    Phonak Audeo PFE 112 is great for in ears though they're only single balanced armature.They actually make hearing aid thus the ergonomics of them are phenomenal. I use these as my dailys, before I was using AKG Q350 and before that UE 400vi, both couldnt match these in terms of ergonomics and weight. Their impedance are also tuned for mobile sources so its all good. People say quality is as good as UM2 with 2 balanced armatures.

    Getting the right headphone/earphone for your source is important. Getting a high impedance headphone for your iphone = its a waste and you dont get the sound it should be producing. My Sennheiser HD600 for example can only be driven by a headphone amp.

    I have owned Shure E2c, E4c, E500/SE530 as well and I would say they're good for their price range back in the days. The new generation can change cables = even better but do take note that their connector is quite flimsy and Shures are more tuned towards bass.
    Etymotics are tuned towards more orchestral music and concentrates on the highs.

    Oh and if you really want a quality multi driver balanced armature, Earsonic SM3v2 is a really awesome french made 3 BA in ear, can reproduce the ranges of my Sennheiser IE8's dynamic driver (with cable upgrades as well).

    and after all that talk if you're wondering what's the main difference besides sound with balanced armature and dynamic drivers, dynamic drivers have a wider frequency response whilst balanced armature has a smaller frequency response but a lot smaller thus you can complete the frequency response range with multiple drivers. I personally find dynamic drivers more pleasing but balanced armatures are really only for in ear applications and the only way to achieve a higher frequency range without going for bigger dynamic drivers. in my opinion, BAs also sound a bit more accurate than small dynamic drivers.

    As for headphone recommendations, iphone sources = get Grados, they're easy to drive yet its not all home use size yet. Beyerdynamics T50 is also a great headphone from what I know of and they're also easy to drive with the Tesla Technology.
  8. dsms

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    Im looking for headphones too and I have never been more confused until after I read this thread


    Either way Dr. Dre and Moster aint getting my money, that much I do know.
  9. DirtyWeRX

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    Wow thanks for all the suggestions guys.

    I found a pair of dr. Dre headphones for $150 on Craigslist. Needless to say I started watching videos and reading articles on how to spot fake ones.

    I went to best buy and listened to the dr. Dre set for a while. They do sound pretty good I'll admit. Tho, after listening to the cheap pair I have for years, anything will sound good.

    A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of Grado Labs headphones. I might pick up a pair of those.
  10. dfazekas

    dfazekas Birth of a Detailer

    Very true. I got my UM2's to use for live/studio applications and started using them for work when my cheap ones broke.

    I'll also second the Beyerdynamics suggestion. Great sound quality for the money and you should be able to pick them up at your local guitar center.
  11. supercharged

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    I'd get some decent (test them for yoursel, as some of them are pretty quite) Bluetooth headphones, so you can pair them with your phone and play your music wirelessly.
  12. 2StepsAhead

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    Sennheiser HD555's or Audio Technica ATH AD700's.
  13. DirtyWeRX

    DirtyWeRX DB Forum Supporter

    As much as everyone may disapprove of my choice, I picked up a set of the Minster Dr. Dre Beats studio headphones. I got them for a steal on Craigslist

    As for them being bass heavy, I'm on a Dubstep kick right now so I won't complain LOL
  14. Red Orc

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  15. Arn560

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    Koss & Sennheisser make good stuff. Not sure if you specified corded or cordless.
  16. Katruitypu

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    If you ask me, I prefer wireless Swen brand headphones. The price is quite cheap for them and the quality is high.

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