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Discussion in 'Interior Car Care' started by richy, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. richy

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    I'm looking for a product either OTC or natural if possible to add to my water recovery tank of my steamer to minimize the amount of suds that accumulate there. If there gets to be too much, I have to stop it and dump the water and change it to fresh. I'm looking for something to put in the water to help abate the suds. Would something like vinegar work?
  2. wagonproject

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    My buddy has an old extractor and he will put some vinegar in the recovery tank. He says it works well, just add a small amount to start and see what results you get and add more if needed.
  3. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Little bit of liquid fabric softener in the recovery tank can work or you could also pick up some anti-foaming agent by rug doctor, probably find it anywhere they rent out rug doctors. Just put a little in the tank and should take care of any foaming.
  4. 911Fanatic

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    What are you using thats causing so much foam in you're recovery tank Richy? I've never had a problem with excessive foam in my recovery tank.
  5. richy

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    I had some stains in a light coloured carpet which I admittedly hit with a fair amount of soap so it was sudsing like a sonofabitch. Being a steamer too, it may be more sensitive to the amount of suds than an extractor..the tank volume is small. Thanks for your input guys. For some reason I had vinegar in my mind but had yet to try it..maybe I had read that somewhere before. If I can avoid buying another product then that would be great.
  6. stottie

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    i use detail king extractor defomer. works great a couple of squrits out of the bottle into the tank and i dont get any suds.
  7. flash gordon

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    The Rug Doctor Stuff works, and is readilly avaliable. I could see how fabric softner may work also :tlaw:
  8. agpatel

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    I had a friend's parents house who's fountain they have in the front foamed and they were told to put a little fabric softer in to get rid of the suds that were pouring all over the driveway, haha. It was kind of funny pulling into the driveway you would see a mound of foam, haha.
  9. flash gordon

    flash gordon Banned

    Reminds me of a Story....:shead:

    There was once a young man who had been screwed over by a Prominent Mphs. Business man. This man had an Awesome fountain in front of his office building...
    Said young man would drop a box of Tide in it about once a month untill he felt the money he was screwed out of was paid back...10 fold :giggle:
  10. Al-53

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    White vinegar works fine....I use a cup or so per gallon of the recovery mine is 3 gallons so I add 3-4 cups of WHITE vinegar....

    I also run it thru the heater per instructions of the company to rid and scale build up on the elements....

    Also when I do a rinse on the rugs...I use it in the soap tank with plain water to get any residual soap off the fibers....the acid of the vinegar will grab any left over soap in the rugs..

    just like you do in the rinse of Micro fiber towels ..gets the soap out....even a pro rug guy told me it works fine for it on rugs....

  11. richy

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    Thanks Al..I appreciate it. :)

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