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  1. Peugeot

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    Hey all,

    Taken time off from cars for a month and just got a chance to try out ONR for the first time. Used two buckets w/Grit Guarts, 4 gallons each, 4 "capfulls" of ONR. Water 70 degrees and ambient temp about 50. Used new Schmitt.

    Freaky stuff. I was worried about dragging a new tool (for me) across the dirty paint with such a non-standard product. No pre-hose down, no sudsy mess. Just went at it - panel at a time. Although it's not apparent until you rince out the Schmitt, which I did on each pass, but the rise water was opaque by the time I was done. No (new) scratches and car looks great. I just used the slightest amount of pressure, usually letting the OWR-weighted Schmitt apply the pressure and I just moved it around. Microfiber dried after each panel. Three gallons of ONR ended up on the floor - I can live with that. Any other methods I should consider? In the end, I'd definately give it a thumbs up.

    It's kindda like kissing your sister... but, since I don't have a sister, I can't really visualize that, so I guess I'll just keep using it. It does have it's advantages.

    Anyway, I'm gonna bust out the new toy (SIP) and have at it with my PC. I just used clay/PG/106FF/Glantz on another car and it turned out great on another car. This car that I just did ORN on will get clay/SIP/106FF/Glantz.

    But - and here's my question - how do I properly strip? Will a good clay bar'ing have the same effect. That's how I've always done it, but I'm a rank amateur. How do you know when all the protectants are off? The car has traditionally been a garage car and I hit it with Speed Shine about one a week. That seemed to give all the protection it needed. So I don't know if that's what's causing the beading after the ORN or is that how clean paint should behave. Oh yeah, it's a one stage non-clear respray on an old Peugeot (surprise!). Looks pretty decent. Just can't wait 'till the SIP/106FF/Glantz goes on! I'll try to get pics of the SIP/106FF/Glants process.

    Thanks for any hints!
  2. Al-53

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    The polishing will remove LSP on the paint...once the polish starts to burnish the paint the LSP is history....unless your using the heavy grit clay..which will mar paint also...your claying will take very little sealant off..unless its near its end life...

    polishing will do it best

  3. Peugeot

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    I thought you were supposed to only cut down on virgin surfaces. Wouldn't any other element in the mix effect the cutting?
  4. 2KLS1

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    Nah...the polishing will remove the LSP real quick.
  5. GBS

    GBS Wax on..Wax off

    :loud:Big AL, I thought you always used a couple of strippers to take off wax.
  6. Al-53

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    yes Gary..2 legged strippers....LOL....but my prep wash is a strong wash of CG Citrus wash...

    But I do use Prep sol after polishing to clean any residue on the paint...and give it wash also with the citrus ensures a clean virgin paint any renegade grit is wash off also...

  7. GBS

    GBS Wax on..Wax off

    :shakehead: Of course I was refering to the 2 legged stripper type. I've never seen a 3 legged stripper. Al, Do you always wash your strippers down with CG Citrus wash?
  8. Al-53

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    Gary..I like them to smell fresh like a citrus never seen a 3 legged out

    that was one JoeP had when he was young and single....


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  9. GBS

    GBS Wax on..Wax off


    Sorry of hijacking the thread Peugeot.
  10. Peugeot

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    No worries. :)

    Although I though I had most newbie acronyms in my head, what's "LSP"? Thanks, I'm off to buy some blue tape.
  11. joep

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    LSP = Last Step Product ;)

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