Sticky Honda paint, solutions?

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    After searching the forums, I couldn't find a good answer to the problem, sticky Honda paint!

    I am working on an NA1 NSX in black, and the paint just won't cooperate. I tossed out the rotary (later found that is the #1 recommendation), but still my DA with Menzerna power finish and uber orange foam pad marred the snot out of the paint. The only way I could get the paint clear was with an uber blue pad and Menzerna super finish. But that's not going to do much correcting.

    Then I read that water-based polishes work best for sticky paint and are much easier to wipe off.

    So my question to you folks, what is your favorite sticky paint polish? I'm looking for cutting at least equivalent to Menzerna power finish, and then a finishing polish for absolute perfection. The help would be greatly appreciated!

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