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Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by Spyral, May 1, 2009.

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    Today my wooden pot of Supernatural showed up. I wanted to test it on a small part of the trunk before I used it on the entire car tomorrow. So I applied a light coating of the wax, waited about 8 minutes and wiped it off with a nice new Cobra MF. I went back into my office and when I came back out an hour later, I noticed that some pollen had stuck to the trunk where I waxed it. I got out the MF and wiped it off. Then I noticed something really weird. The panel where I waxed seems to have static cling now. WTF? Is this normal? I have used mostly all CG products on my car and the Supernatural is my first sortie into the world of high end waxes. So, I was wondering if I am just crazy or is this something normal?
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    This is probably due to the friction created by the MF when you buffed off the wax or rubbed the panel to remove the pollen. I don't use the Cobras because in my experience, besides the fact that they are not the softest MF's around they seem to create more static than most other MF's. I always do a final wipe down with FK 425 since it has great anti-static properties. On a side note, not a good idea to wipe off the pollen as it might swirl the paint. Check this out:
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    Thanks for the response. I will heed your advice on the wiping of pollen. How would you suggest I get the pollen off? My car is a daily driver and I have no garage. Living in Seattle, it sees a lot of the elements. And it's black. Yeah, recipe for looking like crap.
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    You're welcome. I just edited my post above. Check out this link for great info on dealing with pollutants including pollen:
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    the best way to wipe pollen is to make a detailer from like product like ONR...which has ingrediants to encapsulate stuff like pollen and prevent it from marring...also poorboys spray and wipe works good also....pollen is like fine grit..will mar in time....

    I use DG Fast Clean and does a good job...also has anti static properties ..

    to rid a car of static after a wax wipe down...rinse it with cold water....then re wipe it down...static gone......


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