Spring Detail 2004 Mini Cooper

Discussion in 'Show and Shine' started by impakt, May 14, 2010.

  1. impakt

    impakt DB Forum Supporter

    PB Spray and Rinse
    Swissvax Wheel Brush
    EZ Detail Brush
    PB APC spritzed on wheel wells
    Wheel Well Scrub brush

    Meg's Gold Class
    Uber Sponges
    Clayed with Zaino Z-18 (Yellow before AutoMagic > Zaino)
    PB Spray and Wipe 5050 with Distilled Water as Lube
    Menz SIP on LC 5.5" Orange Pad
    Menz PO85rd on LC 5.5" White Pad
    Menz FMJ on LC 5.5" Black Pad
    Victoria Wax Mayhem
    Stoner's Invisiglass
    PB Trim restorer

    Before (Sorry no whole shots when dirty)

    50/50 of the hood after SIP

  2. cnut

    cnut Guest

    Good job on the Mini. How do you like the mayhem?
  3. impakt

    impakt DB Forum Supporter

    I love it...It really made the flakes pop. Removal of the wax was a bit grabby but other than that, awesome. For the price point, :thumb:
  4. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    Looks good. I want to try the PB trim restorer how did you like it? What was your method to apply? I have been debating on Mayhem or Chaos
  5. impakt

    impakt DB Forum Supporter

    I love it. Very durable. I apply it 1x a month and wash my car 4x a month + all the rain and it lasts. I use a foam applicator with very minimal product. Mayhem is for darker colored cars where as chaos is lighter cars. I may be able to get samples of each for you to try but I'd have to get prices+shipping on them.
  6. Jav.STi

    Jav.STi Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Nice job!

    Mini are great little car!
  7. Atom Bomb

    Atom Bomb Two Bucket System Washer

    Wow the flake just pops! I need to try some Mayhem now :)

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