Spray Bottle - Variable-Dilution Sprayer

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  1. agpatel

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  2. mrgolfrider

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    Holy crap! That is one of those things "why didn't I think of that!"
  3. SoCal Garage

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    Folks this has been around since the 1992. It was invented by Rudy R. Proctor of Anaheim, CA, patent no. 5152461

    You can find in the States here and elsewhere: Dual Chamber Sprayer

    I own one and it actually works quite well. Mine has the control dial, the link above does not.

    Here's a link for both models in the U.S.: Dual-Liquid Sprayer
  4. agpatel

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    Thanks for the links, I may pick one up...had not had a chance to do a search for them but was going to tonight. Think it is worth the price? How far do the dilutions go to the high and low end?
  5. SoCal Garage

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    I've had mine for well over a decade so I don't even recall what I paid for it. The control dial model has a numerical value of 0 - 5; 0 is water (or what you have in the bottle) only, 5 is full strength of what product you are using and the 1 - 4 being a ratio of the two.
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    That look a little hard to handle if you have small hands.

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