souveran against swissvax test!! stay tuned..

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  1. trhland

    trhland Nuba Guru

    stayed tuned guys . i just washed my wifes minivan hood .clayed it . then polished with menzerna 106ff and a white pad . then put a tape strip down the middle of the hood. wiped area with alcohol wipe down . then waxed one side with best of show and the other with souveran. right now the waxes are cureing . ill be posting pics tonite . lets see if we can tell the difference. so this is my little wax test. stay tuned!!!!
  2. euroslvt

    euroslvt Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    We wont be able to tell the difference.
  3. trhland

    trhland Nuba Guru

    how did you know?:shead:
  4. ehuth1

    ehuth1 Birth of a Detailer

    lol :yikes:
  5. P1et

    P1et Official DB Moderator

    Let's see how good Souveran does versus Best of Show!

    Tom, even though you're a Swissvax owner, you still seem to be a bigger fan of Souveran. Is that correct?
  6. euroslvt

    euroslvt Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Because I notice no difference in looks between my P21S, Victora Wax, and SV BOS.
    The only difference is the BOS attracts a lot more dust and the slickness lasts only until the first carwash. :waiting:

    Over priced marketing with a good smell is pretty much what that wax is. Although, it is the easiest wax to apply that I have ever used.

    I am totally sold on Victoria Wax, with 5ish coats the shine is awesome, durability is great, and the slickness lasts after your first wash. Plus it doesnt attract crazy dust like SV BOS.
  7. agentf1

    agentf1 Jedi Nuba

    You will notice a BIG difference in durability. PS is not known for their durability and from my experience SV is not to bad in that dept for a nuba product.

    PS 2 to 3 weeks
    SV 8 to 12 weeks
  8. Brent

    Brent Birth of a Detailer

    Tom, A better test may be to put Souverant and Best of Show on the car and do NOTHING to the car other than wash it and let us know how it looks as the weeks go by. I have no doubt Souveran looks just as good as Best of Show, I just wonder what they will look like in a month.
  9. detaildoc

    detaildoc Guest

    Sweet! Can't wait.
  10. yukonon22

    yukonon22 Wax on..Wax off

    Your opinion:chillpill:
  11. buja

    buja Jedi Nuba

    I believe trhland has mentioned before that he loves waxing esp with souveran. and making it a fortnightly or monthly activity is no problem.

    I know how that feels too ! :)
  12. sal329

    sal329 Nuba Guru

    Lookin forward to the results
  13. pirex

    pirex DB Certified Dealer

    I did a test between SV best of show and the new Autoglym high definition wax. BOS looked deeper and had more glow. HD wax side got a thick layer of dust, but bos diden`t. Bot lasted for 3 months, sv a bit longer.
  14. shiny

    shiny Jedi Nuba

    Let use know!

    Does Phil at Detailers Domain sell BOS? (How much is it?)

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