Sonax NPS on wheels

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    MGEVOX Guest

    Was wondering if anyone has experience with Sonax Net Polymer Shield on wheels. If it is usable or not and the correct way to apply it? Any help is appreciated I may end up opti coating them but just wondering if this is a viable compromise.
  2. udmbrian

    udmbrian Virgin Detailer

    is there a reason why you want sonax brand?

    MGEVOX Guest

    I already own it? Why what do you suggest?
  4. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

    the sonax net shield works well on the wheels.
  5. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    As Phil already stated it works great on wheels.
  6. udmbrian

    udmbrian Virgin Detailer

    Poorboy's Wheel Sealant

    I am not sure what people think about it though, but it was recommanded from the reviews and looks pretty good?
  7. rwisejr

    rwisejr DB Forum Supporter

    The poorboys works good as I used to use it . But I find the Sonax or the Adam's spray sealants easier to apply . The best to use is opticoat .
  8. kaiten408

    kaiten408 Jedi Nuba

    I use it on wheels and paint, just not glass. I apply to wheels with a yellow foam applicator, then wipe off. It's been very helpful in keeping my BMW wheels clean. I'm sure opti-coat would be better, but more expensive. PNS seems to last quite a long time in my experience.
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    MGEVOX New Member

    Thanks exactly what I was hoping to hear and thank you Phil for responding as usual and getting me back on the site :) lol.

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