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  1. Jason@Sonax

    Jason@Sonax DB Certified Manufacturer

    The long awaited, many years in the making SONAX Quick Detailer has finally arrived (albeit only as samples) in the US. We are still in market test phase.


    SONAX Brilliant Shine Detailer

    Product Size: 750 ml (25.36 oz.)

    Purpose: Improves and protects the paint finish. Provides a brilliant, deep shine. Quick paint care any time.

    Tests completed against competitive brands (SONAX R&D)

    1. Ease of application
    2. Color refreshment/Achievable gloss during same application time
    3. Long Term Effect before -> before 1st wash, after 1st wash, after 2nd wash
    4. Appearance of haze after 10th wash

    Initial test results have been extremely positive.

    I don't know exactly when this product will be available, but most likely availabe for purchase Spring 2012 with launch and market introduction at this years SEMA show.

    Price: Not sure yet, but still working on it.

    A sample is in route to a certain someone for testing and feedback.

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  2. slanguage

    slanguage OD On Detailing

    Whos getting it? Phil from DD?

    Id love to try it.
  3. Danny

    Danny Nuba Guru

    +1 I too would love to try some.
  4. dr.jay

    dr.jay Birth of a Detailer

    +3 love a sample
  5. Upper Class Detailing

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  6. Jason@Sonax

    Jason@Sonax DB Certified Manufacturer

    Hi Gents-

    Obviously I'd love to be able to send samples to everyone that requested, however, I received a total of 6 bottles (from a request of 18) and I have to hold on to a few for some events coming up (BMW Oktoberfest; possibly SEMA).

    My apologies for not explaining that a bit more in the original post. Samples would be a good thing to have & we are working on that right now with SONAX Germany.

    Take care, J
  7. porta

    porta Jedi Nuba

  8. detailersdomain

    detailersdomain Administrator

  9. Holden

    Holden DB Forum Supporter

    I want to share my experience with this product because it simply is that good! Tough coat has been on my car for about 4 months now and is slowly diminishing in terms of durability. Well I got this after I saw that review on detailingworld and applied it on my car. When I washed it yesterday (3 weeks after brilliant shine detailer application), it was like I had just applied tough coat. Tough coat is more of a sheeter but the beads that the brilliant shine detailer was making was RIDICULOUS! Sheeting was strong, much stronger before I had applied this product. This product is truly awesome, I almost want to call it a spray sealant. I've heard it shares similar properties with sonax polymer net shield, can anyone confirm? I recommend everyone to pick this up and try it out.
  10. JBlack151

    JBlack151 Birth of a Detailer

    I just picked up some of this from Phil that past weekend while at his shop. Also included in my purchase was the Sonax Net Shield as well.

    While I haven't tried the Net Shield I did get a chance to use the Brilliant Shine Quick Detailer after a quick wash earlier this week.

    I will note I had Hard Body on my truck from an application about 3 months ago. While the beading was still present, but greatly diminishing, I noticed a huge improvement of beading/sheeting from the Brilliant Shine when I returned to my truck yesterday after a quick shower that passed thru.

    Overall I am really impressed so far. Thank you Phil for leading me on to this.
  11. Jeff120

    Jeff120 Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Is the USA version the same as the Extreme version that I see in the UK?
  12. Holden

    Holden DB Forum Supporter

    if your referring to the videos as seen on detailing world then YES! Beading and sheeting is insane!!!
  13. agpatel

    agpatel OD On Detailing

    Forgot where I got the information/read it but yes it is the exact same but the word "Extreme" could not be used in the US version due to some legal issues.
  14. NickBlaine

    NickBlaine Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Just used the qd on half my hood after a wash. I have had Hard Body on the car for about 2 months, beading is still going strong. A quick shower came through, and I went out and took a couple pictures. The beading is so much tighter, and the water was sheeting off like crazy. Every wash after this, I will def. be using this qd when drying.
  15. kaah91

    kaah91 Virgin Detailer

    This stuff is awesome. You can use it by itself or with Net Shield. If you Net Shield first and are left with a few streaks or high spots from not wiping it off before it dries, you can use the brilliant shine to level it out. Leaving the vehicle streak free.

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