Sonax Brilliant shine is kinda brilliant!

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    View attachment 3349 Lately I've been using a lot of Netshield which you all know I like, a lot.. I decided to try the brilliant shine detailer, I figured I can do a final wipedown with it after Polymer NetShield goes on a car.

    To be honest at first I did not like this product at all! I was using too much per panel and treating it like a regular QD spray. After some tweaks however my feelings changed and I understood its not exactly a detail spray and its not exactly a spray sealant. Its just its own thing, and its pretty dang good.

    Some notes- Brilliant shine works best with a light mist on the panel and two towels, one to wipe and one to final buff. More than 3 sprays/mists onto a panel is not needed, no big deal you'll just spend more time wiping off residual product.

    I could write a review about all the details but basically this is a more real world review:

    Since I started using Brilliant shine I have held off on applying any traditional sealant or coating on my car. I was going to do a correction and then a couple coats of Netshield, and I will, but for now I dont have the time to do a correction on my car so I will leave it be.

    To test brilliant shine I stripped my car of all prior LSP, decon wash, clay, IPA etc, it was wearing auto finesse tough coat prior. I did not correct it. The test was simple, just use brilliant shine after washes and see how it does alone. Its been almost 70 days since I started the test and I am very happy so far.. its been over 2,000miles on my car in that time (yikes) I think Ill keep going actually. So far no hard water spots, no issues with bird goo either.

    Two important things and why I like this stuff

    1) the look - my car is metallic orange, it responds differently to different products overall the BS has an absolute darkening effect which is rare for anything that comes out of a bottle in spray form. It just looks killer and you get flake pop.. again flake pop and darkening not a usual effect with the same product. Very cool.

    2) beading - the BS beads similarly to a coat of Netshield which again is bizarre for a so called detail spray. The beading is very strong and dirt resiliency is impressive, especially for a car that does not have any base sealant or LSP it cleans extremely easily with our without a pressure washer.

    I'm not proclaiming this product is a replacement for true LSP, I don't know, but it most definitely bridges a gap between what a great detail spray can do and what a decent sealant can provide. And for an 8-10 minutes application time start to finish that aint bad at all.

    Heres my car at 2M autowerks opehouse.. it looked awesome but it hasnt been corrected in over a year and its only wearing a Brilliant Shine

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    Nice review Dave

    Thanks for sharing
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    Good info, car looks great.
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    I have been using it since Phil brought down to VA for the detail marathon that happened last Spring. I love doing a wipedown after a PNS application (coating-like beading that's insane). Totally agree with you, it works great as a stand alone product too. Thanks for taking the time to write this quick review!!
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    wow great review Dave! its worthy of your 1m you know its good!
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    Well there is a 92 page thread on Sonax BSD on detailingworld :) -- They seem to love it in Europe. I hope one day Sonax brings some of their other products to this side of the pond, one being the gallon refill of Sonax BSD, their nano-coating, among other things.

    I've been using the product for about a month now and had the same experience as you with wiping on/off, only need a little product. The only drawback is the lack of slickness right after applying it but that's not really a negative, just most of us have been accustomed to good products leaving a nice slick surface behind.
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    Thanks for the review Dave!

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