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    [SIZE=10.5pt]For the past two weekends, I have had the pleasure on working with two distinctly different vehicles: A Scion XB Special Edition (Orange Metallic) and a Ford F-150 FX4 (black on black) Ecoboost. Both vehicles were in for my level 2 correction which is multiple step correction with final sealant. In both cases the paint was in better shape than a level 2, so the extra time and money was spent focused on the interior instead of any extra compounding steps.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10.5pt]The other thing they both had in common was my preferred polish. Sonax 4/6. This is one that I got thru Detailers Domain (DD). I have always been a Menzerna guy, and still love the Menzerna, but I wanted something that I could really use as a one step and get amazing results on paint that really only needed a little care. Sonax fit the bill. The ability to change pads based off swirling or micro-marring is the ticket with this polish. It has just enough bite in the beginning to get rid of the swirls, and then the polish pulls out the brilliance in the paint. On the Scion, my combo was an orange Uber foam pad with the Sonax, on the Ford, I went with the Green Uber polishing pad and alternated that with an orange when swirling dictated.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10.5pt]Both clients were amazed at the shine and depth of the paint. Both also said that their respective vehicles looked better than they did brand new.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=10.5pt]I will continue to reach for this polish, even as a follow up to Menz FG400, it just is that good. Ease of application, workability and tremendous shine and optical clarity are all achieved with Sonax 4/6.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=10.5pt]Bruce Humphries[/SIZE]
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    What was LSP of choice with these details? Will you see the cars again?
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    What polisher did you use?

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    I have not used this but i i bought Fukkenwax car spray and the results was really good. I would recommend Fukkenwax as it gives a very glossy shine to the car.

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