so im doing correction on my friends single stage

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  1. NCZ13

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    my friend who also details with me made the mistake of using autozone microfibers on his car, and it marred it to the point where he finally wanted me to polish it.

    the paint is less than a year old. its a single stage, so the clear is mixed in. i tried showing him what polishing would do for his finish. i wanted to show by removing what swirls were on the car, and removing the orange peel, the paint reflection would be 100x better. he understood, but still felt that polishing would remove to much paint, and in the end ruin his paintjob.

    so after he saw what the cheap microfibers did he decided to let me do it.

    so im thinking because this is single stage, i need to keep it pretty light with the polish

    i was thinking, xmt1 on an orange pad for starters, and then working my way up to menz final polish on white ccs.

    would this combo be good for the paint? i dont want to use anything to heavy duty, because i really dont want to remove to much.

    ill be documenting the work i do on it extensively, so ill be stopping to take lots of pictures. im in the process of writing some detailing how tos on a mazda forum im apart of, and i think this would be a perfect example for the how tos.

    i should also mention im using a UDM. basically im hoping that this process im gonna use isnt gonna take alot off...
  2. Cooter

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    Arent Meguiars products good with Single stage paints??

    Good luck bro!!

  3. Dave KG

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    I would be sweer to say that just because the paint is single stage, it will be soft. Try machine polishing an old white single stage car (pigment is titanium dioxide IIRC - rock solid), and you'll know what I mean!

    It is always good practice, regardless of the paint colour and type, to start with the least abrasive combination and work your way up until you get the correction you desire. The paint may well be soft, is may well be hard but you wont know this until you work up... Have things like Intensive Polish on hand just in case you do need something more aggressive.

    As above, Meguiars products are reputed to be good for single stage and this is mainly IMHO down to the glaze oils which they contain which infuse a nice wettness into the finish - suits dark solid colours. But you can happily use the Menzerna products that you have and then follow with an oil heavy glaze such as meguiars #7, and this will like see added benefit to the quality of the finish before you move to the wax. :)
  4. sneek

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    I agree!
    One thing I would say is that instead of using #7, you could use #9 or #3 instead. Both of them have a hint of abrasives. #9 can do light correction where as #3 has basically none. If you use #9 then you get your finishing polish as well as adding oils to the paint at the same time.
  5. Dave KG

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    Yep, I used to use #3 as my finishing polish by PC to follow #83, but on rotary I tend to use #83 as the finishing polish these days as once broken down, I find it needs no further cut to refine - so just jump to #7.

    Another trick I used to pull was to mix #80 and #7 50/50 to essentially end up with #3... but this way I could vary the mix to vary the amount of cut I wanted in my finishing polish.

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