SIP with LC Green pad on PCXP - Good 1 Step?

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  1. Anyone ever tried this combo? How does it do against light swirling and how does it finish down? I've heard that Power Finish is a great 1 step polish...but these two polishes are so close on Menz's chart that it makes me wonder if SIP could be a great 1 step polish if paired with the right pad combo.

    Thanks guys!
  2. 911Fanatic

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    Before they changed Power Finish last year ( removed a bit of the cut ), that combo was my go to for one steps. Very good correction and finished down beautifully on most cars. The new Power Finish is down a bit on cut so I've switched to B&S orange. It still finishes down beautifully. SIP doesn't finish down as nice. No where near the gloss.
  3. I'm wondering if the lower gloss level is that noticeable on lighter colored cars like silver and white. I mean heck...if I need to follow it up with something like 3M UF I can...but then that defeats the purpose of doing a 1 step lol.
  4. Darkstar752

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    Finishing down better > Level of cut
  5. How about something like M205 or Nano on a white pad. Unfortunately I don't have any Power Finish on hand so I've gotta use what I have at the moment lol.
  6. BoostedMk6

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    I've mixed some of the new Powerfinish with SIP for a bit more cut. On harder clears it finishes very nice.
  7. This would be for Nissan paint which typically have softer clears.
  8. porta

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    I have used SIP a lot back in the days as a onestepper. It will finish out nice on lighter coloured paints and ok on darker ones if used properly.

    SIP have more cut then PF, but PF will finish out better then SIP. Wich,as we all understand, means that SIP will remove more swirls and etc then PF but with less gloss;
    but the overall impression on, for example, a heavy swirled all day beater will be better with SIP then with PF. For great improvment of the paint in defect removal and decent gloss, use SIP.
    For medium correction and nice gloss, use PF

    For a two step punch with good correction and great gloss: SIP+SF or FF (PO106FA, PO85RE5 or PO85RD)

    I, myself, when doing a two stepper I reach for PO203S and then follow up with PO106FA or PO85RE5, if the paint is in bad shape I can use PO203S with wool
    and then PO203 with foam.

    Use the righ product for the right job.
  9. Bmer89

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    I used this combo on a thrashed metallic black Dodge Ram, truck came out great. Customer still calls me up to say the truck is still very shiny and whatever I used for tire shine has lasted all summer with weekly/bi-weekly washes! Pics are on my website, I can pm you with a link if you'd like to see.
  10. Thanks for the replies guys! PF would be my first choice here...but since I don't have any at the moment...we'll have to make SIP work. :)
  11. freefallin2000

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    Power Finish on a Yellow B&S is money. I think the Orange B&S will finish better like Ken is saying, however, so I am going to pick some Orange up soon!

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