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  1. ampbmw

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    Looking for a nice sheepskin wash mitt, I used to use the easirider ones sourced from polished bliss back in the day before they stopped exporting to the US. Haven't been able to find one comparable since here stateside.
    I've given the ones at autopia a try and they fall apart and shed like crazy. The easirider ones did not! So, I've been looking around and see the autogeek/ pinnacle one, and the griots one, but wanted to see if anyone here has found one that won't fall apart so fast and releases suds and wash solution well.

    I've tried the uber ones, and they're super thick and luxurious, but I prefer the thickness to be around that of a standard sheepskin mitt, to be able to feel some tactility while washing the body panels.

    I know polished bliss now uses flexipads mitts. Perhaps Phil could source some quality sheep skins that are normal thickness???

    Input would be great!
  2. boredstudent3

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  3. Colinpd137

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    Iv'e been using the Carpro Merino Wool Wash Mitt a lot recently. Works very well. 0 Marring issues so far (about 15 washes)
  4. ampbmw

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    Looking for ones that are slip on mitts not quite as thick as those.
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    That rules out the Race Glaze Mitts when you can get them. They seem to appear about the same period as the cicadas.
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    We exclusively use AutoGlos sheepskin mitts and haven't used anything different in probably close to a decade. I know many of the guys on here use them as well hopefully someone will pipe in. They would easily last someone a FULLLLLL season because they last a full season with me and I am full-time every day and night detailing.
  7. ampbmw

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    could you kindly supply a link to this product?

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  9. Swanicyouth

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    I really like the BMW sheepskin wash mitt. I've been using it for 2 years now. It seems to meet all of your criteria. Its doesn't lint, loose hair, or fall apart. Inside is leather lined, so it takes forever to dry. Its very high quality IMO. Its available locally at most BMW dealers for about $25.00.



    Here's mine after 2 years (don't think its lost a single hair)


    I did mess up the cuff a little, but that was 1.5 years ago:



    Of course, I wanted to try something new so I ordered a Wookies Fist.

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