Serious Dallas, Texas Hail Storm Damage

Discussion in 'Detailing Bliss Lounge' started by SoCal Garage, Jun 15, 2012.

  1. SoCal Garage

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  2. sikedsyko

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    Saw that on the news. Crazy shit. I'm sure there will be some very busy insurance adjusters over the next few weeks.

    A hail storm like that is actually how my brother bought his first car. Local Chevy dealer got pounded. He bought a brand new v6 Camaro for like nothing because of the hail damage.
  3. Chaseme

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    Fact: Dallas was ranked as the worst US city for natural disasters.
  4. RaskyR1

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    Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang! I've seen large hail before but nothing like least not in person!
  5. React

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    We had another storm a couple months ago and guess who got hit! The one day I come into work late (mavs game night before) there is no room in the covered garage and sure enough I get hit. I ALWAYS park in the garage :(

    Any one know of a good PDR/bodyshop in the DFW area? Another well known detailer in DFW referred me to a shop but I don't want to go there after they screwed up my bosses car....
  6. Wheelz25

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    this has got to be one of my greatest "car" related fears, haha crazy stuff...i remember seeing a youtube video of a guy trying to lay a mattress and an inflatable raft on his car and hold it on, all while taking the shots of the hail to his body.
  7. mrd0t

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    That was a serious Hailstorm!
  8. maxepr1

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    React, I send all my customers to Aldo does great work! In house PDR specialist, sent him a Bimmer, that got pounded, hundreds of deep dents I thought would need Bondo. Worked them all out, no painting! Also Stuarts Auto Body does great work also, but they are slower.

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