Rupes LHR 15 MARK II, which pads?

Discussion in 'Compounds, Polishes, Paint Cleaners, and Glazes' started by huko, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. huko

    huko New Member

    Hello, I don't know which pads for compounding to buy. I will be using LHR 15 Mark II, will finish the paint with Rupes Yellow pad + Rupes Keramik (Yellow).
    Sometimes ONE STEP polishing with rupes yellow+yellow.
    But sometimes paint will be trashed, so I need something to cut.
    I would buy Rupes Blue foam, and use it with Menzerna FG400, but I heard Rupes Blue foam doesn't last too long, so it will break after a few cars?
    Mostly cars will be Germany, like MB BMW AUDI VW, sometimes Japan cars like TOYOTA LEXUS.
    Meguiar's Microfiber DA Cutting Pad with FG400? I don't know.


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