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  1. mohebmhanna

    mohebmhanna Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Is any one know if the US market will introduce the new DAS 21/15mm from china.
  2. GDAL

    GDAL Super Moderator

    A few reputable detailing suppliers introduced their rupes-like DAs at SEMA. Can't talk about tools that I have never used, but I believe (from the few comments of people that attended SEMA) that Rupes are still superior than the newly-introduced DAs. I can see how cheaper DAs are more attractive for enthusiats, but most of them are still $250-299. If you can afford a $250-299 machine, you can afford a $399 Rupes IMO.
  3. AndrewBigA

    AndrewBigA Virgin Detailer

    waste of money. there are a few US detailing companies pretending to develop they're own polisher but they have purchased in bulk, this chinese piece of poop. i feel sorry for those that purchase the polisher for when it breaks will be a headache to repair & to replace. you always get what you pay for so buy a RUPES end of story!
  4. rlmccarty2000

    rlmccarty2000 New Member

    Now that Griots Garage has introduced their BOSS polishers, which are Chinese made Rupes copies are there any detailers out there willing to take the chance on a new system/polisher when the Rupes system/polisher already has a great reputation and following? I am the happy owner of the Rupes 21 and 75 e and I just can't understand why someone would even consider the Chinese version. It's main claim is it is more powerful, but I never had a problem with power. Some people said their machines bogged down on curved panels, they were in the minority though. If you have bogging problems you probably need to change or clean the product from your pad and wow no more bogging. I got banned from one forum because I asked these questions. Their reasoning was I was bashing their supplier Griots Garage. I never intended to bash anyone. I bought my Rupes from them based on their recommendation, two months later they are telling me to buy a new Chinese made polisher because it's better? I have lost any faith that I had in this seller or any of their reviews.
  5. RaskyR1

    RaskyR1 Jedi Nuba

    If you have a Rupes now there is no real reason for you to buy a Griot's G15/G21. That being said, having used them for the last 6+ months I can assure you they are better in almost every way. Products are always advancing and a newer better option is always going to be there. No reason to lash out at Griot's or a retailer for that. You can either work with what you have or upgrade every so often like most do with their smart phones.
  6. oh wow speaking of this machine lol i actually wrote a email to ammonyc and asked him what he felt about the knock offs coming from china but he never wrote back obviously lol but thats because he is a busy person and i get that but i have noticed that china is pushing these machines into the market and i dont really approve of lol
    theres the all new ZEN tool which is the exact copy of the rupes and it looks just like the lhr 21 but i think the internals are different .
    idk guys would you buy it ?>

    i wont buy anything that isnt quality personally
  7. bigaudiofanatic

    bigaudiofanatic Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Anyone have experience with this one? I'm sure the pads are junk but curious about the polisher.

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