Rock hard SAP on carbon fiber... Need some real experience here

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  1. Will

    Will Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Client has a newish GTR. There are plenty of drops of sap all over the car, including his carbon fiber trunk. He said that the trunk is clear coated and not just the bare gel coat. There are also plenty of spots of tar on his freshly painted rear quarters and bumper. They do not budge the slightest bit with APC or clay bar.

    At my disposal I have 3m adhesive remover, tarminator, megs apc, clay, tons of various compounds, polishes, pads, etc. How would you attack this, the safest way?
  2. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    I'd use the 3M Adhesive Remover, or Tarminator.

    Have you tried either yet?
  3. Will

    Will Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    Neither yet. I wanted to make sure that I shouldn't have any worries as the paint is within a week old along with the worry that maybe he thought the carbon was cleared, but it might just be gel.
  4. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    Do you know the brand of carbon trunk? Most aftermarket carbon trunks, hoods, and fenders are cleared from the factory. It's pretty rare to only have them with exposed resin because the UV yellows the carbon resin. If it's a GTR piece the product is almost gaurunteed to be cleared.

    As for the paint, there is a cure time associated with clear coat, and this time changes depending on whether it was sprayed and baked, or simply sprayed. Some even use UV to cure.

    Without knowing for sure typical clear curing time without these can be up to 30 days, BUT most places do in fact use the bake method to shorten the process.

    I would say try your Tarminator or 3M on a test spot first on the carbon fiber trunk first (both are clear coat safe). Following that use it on the sap spot.

    With regards to the paint, again use an inconspicuous test spot, and pending those results use it on the paint. If it's on glass a razor works for that.

    All this being said, sap on uncured clear wont be any better for the clear then trying to remove it. Just be cautious in your application.
  5. BoostedMk6

    BoostedMk6 Jedi Nuba

    I'd soak it in Tarminator and let it sit for a while. If it still doesn't budge try a plastic scraper.
  6. Kilo6_one

    Kilo6_one DB Forum Supporter

    Also try warming it up with a blow drier.
  7. SoCal Garage

    SoCal Garage DB Forum Supporter

    Can you speak with the paint shop that painted the vehicle to ask their recommendations? The tar might have already had a chemical reaction with paint as might the sap with CF clearcoat.
  8. aowheels

    aowheels DB Pro Supporter

    denatured alcohol works well on tree sap
  9. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    I think the clear coat on the CF was painted much longer ago, from the factory producing the CF parts (unless they recleared it with the paint... couldn't hurt to chat with the paint shop...
  10. Tweaked

    Tweaked Two Bucket System Washer

    I didn't know this. Thanks for the tip!
  11. 9evolution

    9evolution Any Rag Vehicle Washer

    I had some sap on my carbon wing, I used a little bit of baby oil and laid a damp hot towel on it for about 10 minutes. It came off pretty easy, however I did't notice it was also on a heat shroud on my hood it is baked on and never coming off

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