Review: P21S Power Gel Vs. Sonax Full Effect

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    I thought that I would be so kind to post a little review of 2 of the better wheel cleaners currently on the market.

    Pricing here is..

    Sonax FelgenReinigerPLUS 5 ltr. = 46€ which is currently around 60 dollars

    P21S Power Gel Felgenreiniger 5 ltr. = 53€ which is currently around 70 dollars

    Let's start with the Sonax.. It's widely available where I live - you can get it on most patrol stations, many DIY shops etc., but only in 500ml - 750ml. Bulk, which is 5ltr. or 25 ltr. canisters, can be bought directly from the distributor or from an online shop.

    Full-Effect, FelgenreinigerPLUS, WTF?
    Yes, nicely confusing, Sonax do 2 different types of their 'safe for all wheels'-wheel cleaner. The Full-Effect version here is basically the same product, strength-wise, as the product your dealing with in the US, but it doesn't have the yellow color. And then, there's the FelgenreinigerPLUS, which is a little stronger than the Full-Effect. Doesn't make much sense, but that's the way it is..

    The P21S Power Gel isn't as 'famous' in my country as the Sonax products.. They, Wack Chemie, do different products here than P21S on the american market, and the P21S-name is restricted to only being their products for wheels.. it's available in 500ml, 1 ltr., 2 ltr. and 5 ltr. sizes., but I have to get it online, as there's no suppliers near me.
    They still make the 'old' green gel version, but only sell it in 1 ltr. bottles, with the sprayer included. This is the latest non-smelling version, so no rotten eggs here. If some of you have tried the early versions of Iron X(or Iron Cut as it was named back then), and double it, you will get pretty close to what the old P21S Power Gel was like. :thumb:

    I know that some of you guys from the US have tried the Power Gel, but to my knowledge it's not available on your market :giggle: Let's see if your actually missing something..


    Power Gel and Sonax FE in Mercury sprayers, to view product consumption..

    4 wheels needing some love. All from the same car.



    Pretty much the same amount used..

    So, the afters again(without agitation):



    And after a few more applications and some brushing..



    Wheel weight residue was removed afterwards..

    My personal thoughts..

    In short, not much difference. It's not day and night, and they're both very good products. Visually the P21S looked like it clung better, worked better and the reaction was a bit faster too. The P21S cleaned the barrel a bit better, which I think is due to the gel, and the Sonax did a better job on the crevices on the spokes, which may be because more of the product ran down there. If I was to point out an "no agitation" winner, it would be the P21S..

    With agitation I preferred the Sonax as it's not a gel and easier to move the solution around, but - again - they delivered pretty much the same results.
    In real life, I would always agitate the wheels with brushes, to get the most out of the wheel cleaner.

    Kind regards,

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    Awesome review, definitely helpful.
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    Cool review. Quite well thought out too.
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    Nice review Ebbe! Many thanks for sharing!
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    Wish we could get the P21S red in the states. Cleans like crazy and is safe to use on all wheels. I have never used it but when I was in Monaco the Valet's were cleaning cusotmer cars outside the hotel and using the product. Looked very effective and easy to use. That right, I was in Monaco and had nothing better to do than watch the valet detail dirty Ferarri's and Lambo's. Well I did not watch the whole process but I did check it out.

    Phil, any idea wehy the red is not availible in the states? Perhaps it has a banned substance?
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    Nice review. Thanks!!
  7. EbbeJ

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    NP guys :)
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    Great review. I wish the US pricing would be closer to your pricing.

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