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    For the last few weeks I've been using the Hyde's Serum Rustopper on every Detail that i perform. Previously, there was nothing more upsetting than watching the rotors rust right in front of you and then having to wipe down the barrels of the wheel right after driving the vehicle.

    This product is super simple to use and does its job every time. After cleaning the wheels, rinse down thoroughly and spray down the rotors one or two times. I find that it works better if you reapply the product after waiting a few minutes and using a metro vac dryer to blow off all the water IMO

    Would I buy this product again?
    -Yes. The convenience of not having to clean rust from the barrels of clean wheels is a must

    Did it work as mentioned?
    -Yes. I followed all the instructions for application on the bottle and it works great every time.

    Some pictures of the product being used on a McLaren Mp4


    **Totally forgot to take a picture of the rustopper bottle next to the wheels after cleaning. But as you can see it does its job

    Rustopper: Rustopper effortlessly prevents rust from forming on your brake rotors after cleaning wheels and braking systems. Rustopper was designed to prevent “rust dust” – the initial brake dust on clean wheels that occurs after washing. Rustopper’s Acid-free, pH-neutral formula will not attack wheel coatings, lug nuts or braking systems. Rustopper is safe on all types of steel and alloy wheels (including chrome and polished wheels), anodized finishes and single stage paints.

    How It Works: Rustopper is designed to aid in water evaporation while preventing corrosion from forming on brake rotors and braking components without leaving any form of residue on the brake rotor surface. Rustopper does not leave any film, residue or trace of the product on brake rotors as that would be a safety concern. The goal of Rustopper is to stop the flash rust from forming and coating your freshly cleaned/sealed/waxed wheels in orange rust dust.

    Directions for Use: After cleaning wheel and braking system, rinse thoroughly with water. While brake rotor is still wet, spray Rustopper liberally on brake rotor surface in a sweeping motion and allow to dry. Finally, wipe any excess liquid inside wheel.

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    Brandon Hugh
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    Great review thanks!
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    Has anyone tried this on satin black wheels? I want to buy this product just can't have it affect the look of the satin paint.

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